what to look for in lip gloss?3 best-selling lip glosss brand

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By Stella

what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip glosss brand!


Flirt Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss in Bubbly Berry

Review by kit_kat68: I am new to Flirt. I had a gift card to Kohls so I went in to see what they had (I never go to Kohls). I was very happy to find this brand of cosmetics. I bought this bubbly berry lip gloss and a foundation. I could not wait to get in the car to put this on. It is great! the color is a pretty sheer plum with shimmer. I am going back tomorrow to check out some of there other products :)

Review by shopgirl087: This is such a gorgeous, neutral color. It's hard to describe and is probably a slightly different shade on each person's lips. I liked it a lot, but it did not last very long at all. I sampled it at Kohls and by the time I got to my car (like 10 minutes later), it had all worn off. That's probably the fastest a lip gloss has ever faded on me, but it's so beautiful, I think I might buy it!

Review by sleepyone: this was my first (but not last) product from flirt!. it was on sale along with a few other squeeze me super shiny lip glosses. i purchased it because i longed for a shiny/glittery lipgloss with color to use once in a while. well i got MORE than i wanted! yes it was shiny and glittery and it smelled delicious (i wanted to eat it, but of course i didnt or thats what im telling you)! the color SURPRISINGLY suited me well... i'm so happy i bought it!!!! i'll be on my second tube soon!

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Neutrogena moistureshine lip soother-gleam

Review by lipstik: Rather sticky and uncomfortable. The shine is pretty and the spf 20 is a great added bonus. This formula is not really moisturizing. However, the shine last long and it's cheap. If I had to repurchase I would in the summer but definately not in the winter. It has a nice smell I just wish it was more moisturizing and easier to wipe off.

Review by Chloeclover: I really like the cooling sensation and SPF in these. Spring in Oklahoma is sunny and windy and it's easy to get chapped lips. I volunteer at the Zoo and don't want to fuss over my makeup so I poke this in my little pocket and reapply as needed. It's so sheer, I don't need a mirror. That's my only gripe is that they're all basically clear on my pigmented lips. The scent is nice, and it lasts a long time.

Review by Viognier: Sticky, smells odd. But it has a nice shine and it does make your lips feel cool. It doesn't matter about the color though, they all look on the same on your lips unless you get the glitter one. I preferr the very light pink kind. It gives a sexy pout and kind of plumps your lips a little bit.This is the only product that makes my lips extremely noticable.

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Christian Dior DiorKiss - 778 - Groselle (Red Currant)

Review by blyss: This appears to be a shockingly bright fuschia gloss in the tube. On it is a gorgeous pop of color. It is a great buildable color so it can be sheer for day or more vibrant for night. I'm a big fan of the squeeze tube applicator. It even smells yummy! The shimmer is very wearable too.

Review by andij: Loved the colour for all of the 5 minutes it stayed true. The smell was pleasant, nice classic packaging but this did nothing for me.

Review by bklyncowgirl: This is really really cute, I love the colour and its really bright and quite a reddy pink. But I find it makes my teeth look yellow, which is never a good look.

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