what to look for in lip gloss?3 best-selling lip gloss review

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By Stella

what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip gloss review!


Too Faced Juicy Jewels in Platinum Peach

Review by lorraine07: wow, i never really like ripe reddish colors, but this one is awesome! it smells great and the gloss is very pretty :)

Review by Elixir: Price: 21.50
Color: one side: deep coral/pink other side: light peach with a hint of frost
Texture: Glossy without being
sticky or tacky.. long lasting
Scent: fruity
Application: Wand/ other side brush
Appearance: great for medium skintones... a little too corally for my PPP skin... looks gorgeous however. Pure peach with frost (not too much)
My coloring: neutral PPP with hazel eyes and brown hair

Review by peachy905: Yummy! i love love love Too Faced!! I bought this at Sephora today. YUM! one side is a pretty berry, and the other is a delicious pinky peachy shade. They taste SO good! I'd pick Too Faced lipgloss over a MAC lipglass any day! :)

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Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in In Vogue

Review by hersheyb: This is a bight fuchsia gloss with fuchsia glittery throughout. If you are into the bright glitzy type of gloss this is great. It is not too sticky and the color payoff is great, it definitely shows up even on my pigmented lips.

Review by Graceteix: I LOVE THIS GLOSS! When I first got it I was concerned the glitter would be too gritty - but it's not at all. It looks great both on its own or over color since the color of the gloss itself isn't TOO strong. It does stay on relatively long without being too sticky, which is great. I love creative packaging and this lipgloss has GREAT shelf appeal (which is why I bought it!). Such a cute tube. The applicator is the only thing I am "iffy" on since it's a pretty stiff brush. Kind of hard to get it into precise corners, but you can still work with it.

Review by belle2216: Great color. Pretty good staying power. I love the extreme glossy light reflecting properties of this gloss. My lips dazzle when I wear it. I took a big chance going for this bright fushia gloss, but it's not garish looking when on my lips. It looks healthy, bright and shimmery. The glitter isn't gritty. I agree with the other reviewer about the applicator brush.... a little hard to work with, but not that big of a deal. I now want to try some other colors with my CVS Milani extra bucks coupon.

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Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Ice Creamies

Review by Viognier: Yummy! I've got 'Berry Sundae'. This gloss is so SILKY and tasty on my lips - I just wish the tube were bigger. Maybe it's good to run out of this quickly so there's an excuse to buy more flavours? :-P

Review by roxiblue: I love this stuff SO much!! I went to the store looking for some Marshmallow Cookie Dough lip gloss like I had before. I never found any, but I did come across the Cookie Dough kind of the Ice Creamies. I picked it up, along with Bubble Gum Whip and Banana Split. I have to say these are my all time favorite lip glosses ever, I love the shine and they last on my lips for quite a while, and I definatly will be buying other flavors!!

Review by SisleyAus: When these came out, I bought Cookie Dough, Banana Split, and Bubble Gum Whip. I love them all, but I keep coming back to the Cookie Dough one! It's definatly my favourite! Smells amazing and leaves my lips sooo soft! I love the glossy shine!

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