what to look for in lip gloss?3 best lip gloss

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what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best lip gloss !


C.O. Bigelow Vanilla Malt Shake Mentha Lip Shine

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: C.O. Bigalow: What products can't you add mint to? This is part of the new line of Fountain-inspired lip shines (which include Strawberry and Chocolate shakes). I must say that I like these a heck of a lot better than the previous Fountain Flavors (Black Cherry, Vanilla Cola, Root Beer, and Orange Creme). This flavor smells exactly like canned vanilla frosting at first sniff and taste, but then you get the hit of mint and it tastes like those creamy mint nonpariel wafers that you get at Christmastime. Delicious! Hopefully, it won't end up tasting like postage stamp glue towards the end of the tube, a fate that many of my other Mentha Lip Shines have fallen victim to.

Review by lizbert: I feel like every time I buy a new C. O. Bigelow lipgloss, I think "THIS IS MY FAVORITE" because the flavors just keep getting better and better. I agree with the 1st review that said it was a chocolate mint flavor but the mint isn't overbearing. It doesn't have a bite the way the peppermint flavor does. This is just a clear gloss but it works nicely over lipstick. If only it was a touch thinner, I would be happier.

Review by Jessimau: I'm back to loving Mentha Lip Shines because of the new releases. Sometimes I stray because I get bored. I got all three new Soda Fountain flavors. I love them all. This one is a delicious creamy vanilla. You can definately tell the difference between this and the Vanilla Cola flavor. What I like about the Mentha Lip Shines is that they are really flavored awesomely, they are SUPER moisturizing, and they double as a lip gloss/balm. Will always repurchase.

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Guerlain KissKiss gloss in Rose Sunset

Review by oopsygirl: I like the light rose like scent that the Guerlain glosses have. The Rose Sunset is a light pinky peach shade that isn't too glittery. It has the perfect amount of shimmer to it. This is a nice formulation that is not sticky. It adds a slight splash of color to my lips. I also like adding this on top of my lipsticks for a subtle shimmer.
It has a brush applicator that holds a good amount of gloss on it for a good application.
I would repurchase this product. At 29 USD, this is a steep tag for a gloss, but the packaging is elegant and beautiful.

Review by Cordelia: Mine is in the colour Rose Sunset. I don't like its fragrance ? I find it too intense. The texture is not too sticky and it lasts for a very long time. The shade is pink, maybe a bit lighter than the shade of Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi shine lipstick in Strawberry shine and contains pieces of golden glitter, which I find too big (I can feel the pieces of glitter on my lips). I'm not sure if I will repurchase it again.

Review by ckgurl714: When I first surveyed Guerlain's line of lipglosses, I scoffed at the price. I couldn't imagine how a lipgloss could be worth 26 dollars. However, Rose Sunset is so pretty I ended up caving in the end. Rose Sunset is a pigmented peachy rosy pink that's shimmery and shiny without looking obnoxiously glittery. I won't say that it's the most unique color out there but it's soft, innocent, pretty and easy to use. I really like the brush applicator as well. I love the Guerlain packaging too, very glamorous!

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Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Diamond - Celeste

Review by iberian: A beautiful peachy-pink color! The only downside is that it has much more shimmer to it vs the other lipglosses in the Buxom Lips line. I would definitely get this shade if it came in an original or sheer tint!

Review by amystar: I love Buxom Lips Diamond in Celeste. Perfectly wearable, effortless natural peachy nude color with lots and lots of microsparkle...yet it still looks sunkissed and beachy, not 70s disco ball kind of sparkle on, although it looks that way in the tube. I find myself reaching for this a lot. Doesn't wear quite as long as the non-diamond formulas but almost as long. SUCH a pretty color, I always get compliments! I am NC30/C3 and have somewhat pigmented lips naturally. This does last much better with lipliner, as most glosses do.

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