what to look for in highlighters?3 best highlighters

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By Vicky

what to look for in highlighters?Let's see the 3 best highlighters !


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for Body

Review by munchlaxy: I agree with the other reviewer, this product is awesome. Yes, it is very very expensive but it will last forever. I seriously cannot imagine ever using it up unless you use it as an all-over body shimmer product every day. I've been using this on my eyes and cheeks and its just gorgeous.

Review by liselise1: This is a wonderful product for the BODY. it puts a really pretty sheen to the skin and works on so many different skin colors. Be careful if u use the body shimmerbrick on the face if you have sensi tive skin because it was not meant to be used here. the accompanying body brush is also like a little therapy in itself!

Review by cosmokid: LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I do use a little on my face and even my eyes, and I don't care if it isn't supposed to be used there...if you're careful about the usage, it's add a wonderful summery sheen and glow. I also use this on my arms and chest, even if going out for the day. I would definitely repurchase, but I have a feeling it may be a while...there is a lot of product, which makes the price a bit easier to take.

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MAC Mineralize Skinfinish -Shooting Star

Review by JettNY: This is a very pretty color! It looks pretty dark in the package but once on, it gives a nice, soft glow. As other reviewers have said, a little bit goes a very long way. I have NC20 skin and I can wear it without looking overly made up, which is always a good thing!

Review by Graceteix: This is my second MSF ... i dont love it ... but i think i just need a new brush. I bought a 187 rip off and am due to get it this week so maybe this will work. Its just too dark (and i am an NC30) with my current brush.
Having said this ... most bronzers look rubbish on me and i think its cause of the lack of good brush so i will write back when i get it.

Review by kjjamm808: I managed to score this and I really love it! It is actually slightly dark but I'm careful with this so I use it as a blush without looking sunburnt. The texture is absolutely fantastic as well.
In fact, I love the golden bronze and natural glow this gives. Mine has sprinkles of gold around but it is shimmer and does not bother me at all (nor does it affect the smooth texture).
It is similar to Sunny By Nature except that this is slightly less pigmented and has shimmers in it.
EDIT: Global Glow is lighter than this and would be perfect for lighter skin tones. Warmed is similar to this but has some red undertones.
I'm NC/NW15-20 btw.

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MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in GOLD DEPOSIT (Rococo)

Review by shopgirl087: i love gold deposit! it could appear too orange if you put on too much so you do need to use a very light hand. the texture and color pay off is amazing though. so smooth and buttery.pretty pricey is you ask me, but it is huge (it was last me forever) and it is mac, so i had to have it!

Review by Bonnie2842: I think Gold Deposit would look great on darker skin tones. It's really nice and shimmery, and picks up the light. I highly recommend it for darker skin tones.

Review by nechama22: Ooh I love this! Applied very lightly in the right places, this makes my cheekbones pop out. I put it on my cheekbones, under my brow, and on my collarbone and it is just perfect. There is a bit of glitter that shows when you are in bright sunlight, but in normal lighting it just gives a glowy warmth. I am NC40+ depending on the season, and this is always my go to highlighter. Do I dare say this is my HG? Time will tell.

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