what to look for in hair styling?3 recommended hair stylings

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what to look for in hair styling?Let's see the 3 recommended hair stylings !


L'anza Be Long ProtecShine

Review by Cordelia: This product gives hair a nice and healthy shine after using heat appliances and it smells good

Review by scrapdoll: I've used this twice and I think it's a great product. It doesn't really weigh my hair down and it really minimizes frizz. Definitely will repurchase. I have curly hair and I applied it to soaking wet hair.

Review by stephanie32082: i love this stuff!! the first time i used it, i didn't have any of my regular styling stuff with me, and my hair still turned out nice! And I even got a compliment from a hair stylist in the airport - he asked me who did my hair lol.

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ABBA ZeroScent Hairspray

Review by almighty_curv: I originallly sought out this product because I was looking for a product with no scent to it (it can get very overwhelming with all the different smells from shampoo to conditioner, etc...). To my surprise, not only is it non-scented, but it works great! I also use it to get that separated piecey look.

Review by kjjamm808: I love this hairspray-- it contains no alcohol and works great. No buildup and it doesn't dry out my hair.

Review by iberian: I love Zero Scent hairspray! Great hold and you can still comb thru the hair plus it adds shine. Very impressed with this product. Also love Abba Complete shampoo which does not fade my red - they work great together - with Abba Nourishing leave-in conditioner. I am really loving the Abba line - no sulfates and no fading on my red. Great products!

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Pantene Fine Hair Solutions Root Lifter Spray Gel

Review by suze9_8: I have a bob style haircut, and I purchased this product for my bangs. First off, i had to put about 5 sprays of thus over my 2" bang section to see noticeable results. When combined with a large boar bristle brush and a blowdryer, it does work pretty well. However, if you sleep on it, it falls flat by morning. It also falls flat after about 1.5 hours. So, this product will work amazing for you if you can find a great hairspray to hold the initial volume, and/or a volumizing mousse, but if not, dont buy it. I have also tried TIGI blow dry volumizing gel and Garnier Fructis root lifter and this one is better than both of those.

Review by Carrie: First, I have to admit I usually never buy Pantene products because I have not found anything I like of theirs,but this stuff is great. I just got my hair cut short and I love it but when I tried to style it like my hair stylist it just didn't look as good. (Doesn't that always happen ?!) I saw this rated here on Makeup Alley and I decided to try it. I spray it on all over my hair after I towel dry it a little and kind of work it in. (I don't just spray it on the roots.) Then I blow it dry. It ends up giving my hair texture and body, whereas before my hair was just flat after I dried it. It does give it a little crunch feel but to me it kind of feels the way your hair does after you use a little hair spray. I highly recommend this product.

Review by meeshmu: This works better than anything else I've tried for volumizing, and it actually makes my hair shiny , smooth, and full of volume at the same time. Most thickening/volumizing products make my hair super frizzy, but this doesn't.
If I would have reviewed it after the first couple of uses, I would have given it a 5, but it really seems to dry out my hair significantly, so I'm sticking with a 4.

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