what to look for in hair styling?3 popular hair styling

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By Tifanny

what to look for in hair styling?Let's see the 3 popular hair styling !


Modern Organic Products (MOP) Lemongrass Lift Volume Spray

Review by vengland: This product does a great job of adding lift to the root during a blowdrying. I just wait for my hair to mostly dry, then spray a few times along my scalp and blowdry as usual (lifting hair upwards and over, against the root). The volume holds throughout the day. I have used a couple of other root-lifting products (Matrix and Redken) but I like this one much better. The others left my hair feeling crunchy and an alcohol scent that wouldn't go away. This one feels light, and the scent is pleasant enough and disappears quickly. The bottle is pretty large, so can be hard to grip and spray, but the amount of product will go a very long way.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I love that this is a volumizer and frizz control in one - I don't have to use multiple products on my fine, wavy/frizzy hair. While this product does not give vavoom, big hair, it leaves my hair with adequate volume, softness and waves. The lemon scent is nice too.

Review by Pinki: I'm on my fourth bottle of this - love it. I've been using it for ages. I have long, fine, wavy/curly hair that I usually dry with a diffuser and when I spray this on my roots I get super volume - my hair actually looks full and it stays that way all day. :) And a bottle lasts forever...

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Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade

Review by SisleyAus: Use daily on naturally curly and permed hair for added manageability, texture and shine.

Review by lbarnold: This produces excellent shine on the hair. I used it a few years ago on my fine hair and I would buy it again when I have finished all my current products.

Review by rebec75: Right off the bat I want to say it doesn't foam. I couldn't care less but why in the world do they call it foaming pomade?
I'm a guy with a lot of hair that is stick straight and baby fine. I know this is made for coarse hair, but I like it for when I want a high shine look. It has low hold so it's good for undone looks or a mad men style super groomed look.
I'm not wild about the smell, but it does what it does better than anything else I've tried and you can't beat the price. And I can totally see how this could be a HG item for coarse/ethnic hair.

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Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum

Review by auth: I have been using Moroccan Oil and wanted to try something new. I received this as a sample from Sephora and liked it so much I bought a full-sized bottle. The smell is a great jasmine. I have wavy blonde hair that's just past my shoulders. Because my hair is thick and dry on the ends from highlighting, I usually need 3-4 drops of serums, but I only need 2 for this. I either comb it through damp hair, braid, and go, or I use it as a finisher for great shine after I blow dry. It's pricey, but because I only need so little each time, this bottle will last me quite a while.

Review by pinktulip: Great shining product, doesn't leave a funky residue like most silicone based glosses...smells fantastic. Best gloss I've tried so far.

Review by taskeeng: The smell from this glossing serum is divine. Pure jasmine. I love that you can apply it wet or dry (which I do and sometimes both!). It's a great detangler and never weighs my hair down, ever. This is not that miracle serum that's gonna fix your ugly ends for a superstraight style, it's too thin for that. But for overall shine and body it's a great one. SOOOOOOO expensive and I love to use it on my daughter's hair to keep the tangles away during the day. I've now seen it on HSN so look around for good deals. A splurge, but worth it.

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