what to look for in hair conditioner?3 best hair conditioners

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By Vicky

what to look for in hair conditioner?Let's see the 3 best hair conditioners !


TiGi S Factor Serious Conditioner

Review by SisleyAus: This is definitely very expensive but it works and that's what that counts. Having used every conditioner from every brand this one just is amazing! It makes my hair soft, shiny and healthy. It's worth the price.

Review by rebec75: Along Moisture Maniac Serious Conditioner is definately my favourite TiGi conditioner. I have a bleached, long hair which is dry from time to time.
Serious Conditioner really makes a difference in my hair: my hair is really conditioned, smooth and perfect every time I use Serious conditioner. This really saves my hair even if my hair has dried a lot!

Review by mz654: I love the packaging, I love the smell, I hate the price.
For msot people this is a deep conditioner, for the level of damage my hair has been put through, a detangler.
Really does soften and detangle impressively. I have used various deep conditioners as detanglers before applying my masquintense and this is definitely the most effective so far.
So for someone without a brillo pad for a head, this would be amazing.

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Skindecent Replenishing Conditioner in Vanilla Frosting

Review by ciarar: I got this conditioner in Fruit Salad, smells very fruity and I can pick up some scrumptous coconut cream scent too. This is a light to medium conditioner and I love it and am so glad I tried it. It rinses out well and doesn't weigh my hair or roots down at all. I love how it makes my hair so shiny and full of body. Will repurchase.

Review by stellaluna2: This conditioner has worked great on my fine, long, and very tangle-prone hair. it isn't heavy, but it still gets your hair soft enough to detangle. sometimes i don't even have to use leave in, which is very rare for me! got this in purple cotton candy to match the body oasis and i love it! the smell lingers even the day after i wash!

Review by misswillow: Great Product, it made my hair so soft and silky and you don't need a lot either. I got it in Key Lime mixed with Vanilla Frosting, perfect mix.
I will buy again!!!

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Victoria's Secret So Sexy Nourishing Conditioner

Review by fitnessa: I thought this product was just average. Nothing special as far as the quality. I got the shampoo and conditioner and found that it worked as well as my Loreal or Garnier Fructis in terms of shampoo and conditioner. MOisturized and detangled my hair. What i didnt like about this was the scent. It smells like the perfume, so its just too fragranced for me. I would love this product if i liked the perfume but i dont. The scent didnt linger in my hair afterward when my hair was dry. It did the job conditioner is supposed to do but with fragrance that i dont like.

Review by Jessimau: Love this!! One of my staples and definitely HG status. Never have I ever experienced such wonderful hair days as I have with this stuff. First of all, the smell is divine (Body by Victoria)and I love how it lingers after I shower so I am always the girl with "great smelling hair" and the nourishing formula leaves my hair smooth, bouncy, soft, silky and manageable. This stuff is great except for the packaging. Now don't get me wrong because the pink bottles are pretty and very unique but it's so hard to get the product out. I've found it effective to leave them upside down in between showers. Love this stuff!!!

Review by mulhollanddrive: I love this conditioner so much, and same goes for the matching shampoo. It moisturizes and nourishes my hair soo well and leaves it soooo soft and silky- more than it has been in a long time. Obviously, as many others have mentioned, the scent is to-die-for: Super-sexy, but not in a overly sweet way, but rather in a clean/fresh floral way. A great conditioner that's definately worth checking out.

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