what to look for in fragrance?3 top fragrances review

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what to look for in fragrance?Let's see the 3 top fragrances review!


Loewe Aire

Review by ciarar: As it is a Spanish brand, it is very popular in my country and AIRE is the typical perfume that most of middle-aged women used to wear during the 90's there

Review by Viognier: Aire is a clean, skin scent...slightly musky and slightly powdery. It was nice and lasted all day on me, however I've tried similar fragrances from a dozen other lines. Nothing particularly unique here. I'll probably keep my bottle unless I think I can swap it for something yummier, but I doubt I'll repurchase.

Review by shelby1123: Just a wonderful, light and gentle, very comfortable scent
My number one for everyday

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Penhaligon's English Fern

Review by IiIy: Chanel no.19 for a man... or just for everyday. Simultaneously elusive and satisfying, just as a fragrance should be. Deeply English, which is to say: well-bred, pastoral and eccentric. Quite unique and sophisticated, but not the least bit brash or sleazy. I like it on myself (I'm 21 years old, a girl), but would die for it on a man.

Review by jules2064: I tried this one yesterday and though it was nice, there was a note that I kept bothering me. This comes out as refreshing and cooling, perfect for the summer and also better suited for a man than a woman. The lasting power is really good, but that constant sharpness along with a cooling effect, like a menthol note, is not what I'm looking in a fragrance.

Review by fuxxy: This is a classic, typically English fragrance. The blend is impeccable and from the first sniff right through the dry down you can just smell the quality here. The top note of lavender combined with the sandalwood note really softens the fragrance so that it is clean without being overly soapy and never tends towards accrid leatheriness, as some fougeres do. This is overwhelmingly green, but in a fresh, soft way. I utterly love it, it has instantly become a must have - both my fiance and I loved the sample we had and I have ordered a bottle for the bathroom. I really recommend getting a sample of this if you can, it really is lovely and exceeded all my expections, it is not at all fusty, just a lovely, personal scent for both sexes. Top marks!

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Lisa Hoffman Variations Madagascar Orchid Perfume Collection

Review by mulhollanddrive: Lisa Hoffman's Variations Collections consist of four roll-on perfumes housed in buttery-soft, portable leather pouches. Each bottle is a variation of a scent theme, with individual scents designed to be applied (or layered) throughout the day: 1 ~ Morning 2 ~ Daytime 3 ~ Evening 4 ~ Bedtime. Madagascar Orchid's notes are Jasmine, Orange, Bergamot, Neroli, Pink Peony, Amber and Soft Musk. It's a lovely, elegant skin-scent that takes me to a private tropical sanctuary. My favorite variation is "Morning" because of its energizing citrus topnotes, and my second favorite is "Evening" which is sultry, ambery, and golden. All four formulations are beautiful, alone and/or layered, because they smell lush and alive. These scents stay very close to the skin, but their lasting power is excellent. They are completely appropriate for workplaces, nightlife places, and even cramped elevators.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: This perfume smells so lovely! It comes with a day scent and an evening scent (which is a bit spicier). The scent is not very floral, but the orchids are forefront. Next is spices and vanilla. So cozy smelling.

Review by lizbert: This is a very interesting take on fragrance. I saw it in Lucky and I am always up for trying new fragrances. The packaging is great. Very high end. I followed the theme of using one in the morning, then one in the afternoon and so forth. I really enjoyed the fun. This is a very soft, getle type scent. If you know what an Orchid smells like, then you will recognize the aroma. I am going to buy one for my mother for Christmas. I think she will have fun with it. It's always nice to have something different to pull out of your purse.

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