what to look for in fragrance?3 recommended fragrance review

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By Fiora

what to look for in fragrance?Let's see the 3 recommended fragrance review!


La Ligne de St. Barth Santal

Review by tetrakis: Hmmm...I purchased this prior to reading the reviews much to my dismay. I love sandalwood scents more often than not, but I expected this to be a lot spicier. The deep woodsy aroma that almost turns into incense. La Ligne St Barth's "Santal" is a sour talcum powder on my skin for a good 85% of its duration. By the time it softens up, I'm already wishing that I didn't purchase this unsniffed. *sigh* It's not an ugly fragrance by any means, it's just too powdery for me.

Review by Cygentte3: I'd buy this again if it wasn't discontinued!
This scent is a meld of sandalwood, musk, and spices, and dries down to a dry powdery scent. It is somewhat long lasting but stays close to the skin. I find it reminds me of a dry low desert in mid-July. Nothing sweet interferes with the beauty of the sandalwood and cinnamon. Beautiful!

Review by diachu21: This is without a doubt the longest lasting fragrance I've used. I put it on just after showering last night and 21 hours later I can still clearly smell it! It's a very nice scent. A bit too powdery for my taste. I prefer my sandalwood a little dryer and woodier. But if you like a nice, powdery, feminine-smelling sandalwood, this is one to try.

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Nina Ricci Love in Paris

Review by bebejacket: I LOVE this fragrance and its my #1 right now. Its feminine and floral and not overwhelming. I love the name and the simplicity of the bottle.

Review by lorrainer07: This is nice, but reminds me very much of Perry Ellis "F" - I get peonies and rose, some vanilla undercurrents, and a white musky effect that reminds me a bit of Tresor as well. There's a peacy/apricot top note that is nice, but doesn't last. I think this would be a nice, wearable day time scent for those who have a tendency toward migraines and can't tolerate spicy/incense notes.

Review by misswillow: I got this miniature version by purchased two nina ricci's stuffs. I got this one as Freebie. I love the scent,soft and glamorous. but i don't like the packaging, too poor for a brand like nina ricci and looks old. but overall, i love this fragrance.DURABLE(coz it's an EDP) and offcourse has a good smell.

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Giorgio Armani White She

Review by shimmering: I will tell you a long story, sorry about it :) When I was in university, L'oreal Group came for Career Week and brought some samples as a gift for attendants. White was one of them, it had just been released. When i tried it, it smelled like heaven to me. Whole campus smelled White for a week, it was crazy :) Then I lost the sample bottle and it was over.
Years passed by and I remembered White one day. I decided to buy it but oppss! It was discontinued. I searched everywhere and managed to found a bottle. When my order arrived, I was so excited. I smelled it and... Well, it was beautiful but nothing similar to the smell that i remember. I remember White as a soft powdery perfume but now it was sporty and citrusy. Although i can still get a hint of milk smell, I was so disappointed. So the bottle is in my drawer and i rarely reach for it. End of my sad sad story :)

Review by ooliedonna: The first intial spray is sharp and almost reminisent of a certain CKone.However, once it settles it becomes a gorgeous fresh,woody smell.Often ask what perfume I'm wearing when I use it,but ladies never reveal their signature scent!Lovely perfume.

Review by pulidobl: Now I am a big fan of armani scents, in fact "She" is my HG scent. But White She is just too citrus for me. I think it would be great as a spring/summer scent. when you first put it on it is almost too strong but it does seem to settle nicely. It's not bad, but I wish it weren't so citrusy so it would be a good summer alternative to my beloved "She".

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