what to look for in fragrance?3 good fragrances

By Christina

what to look for in fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrances !


Avon Celine Dion Spring in Paris

Review by isabellet: I have a very difficult time finding scents that I like, but Spring in Paris is a wonderful spring time scent! It's very light and feminine! I agree with the other reviewer in that a lotion or body wash would enhance the scent.

Review by kat_25: I just opened a sample of this from Avon, and I have to admit I really like it. I think it's very clean and fresh. Lily of the valley is a good comparison like said above. I am not good at determining actual ingredients. I like it, thinking about buying a bottle.. Its peaceful, does not bother my head..

Review by fitnessa: Smells great, and love the name.

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Essence of Beauty Pomegranate Apple

Review by Olive143: It smells so good, and is very unique. It is womanish, sexy, sweet, and fresh at the same time. When I wears it, it even brings my lovely old memories back to me. I mean not only it makes my body smell good, but it also let me have delightful feelings mentally. I love it. I just love it. I own Chanel and many other world famous perfumes, but nothing has impressed me like this inexpensive body mist. It does not smell cheap at all. You should try this. I bought it at CVS for 5.99 only.

Review by mriaow: I love this body mist! I use it all the time. Speaking of which, I need to buy some more, lol! I also have the lotion, and I layer it, so the fragrance lasts. People always ask me what perfume I have on when I wear this. It's one my favorite body mists!

Review by tippygirl: Oh My God!!!!! This stuff smells phenomenal!!!!....like tart apples....love it! This was a total impulse buy when I was at CVS yesterday buying other things. It was on sale for 2.99 (2 oz.). So, I smelled it in the store and liked it and figured if I really end up hating it, all I've lost is 2.99. I sprayed it on in the car before heading on to other errands. I LOVE the smell of this stuff, and it lasts! I could still smell it on my skin hours later. It really reminds me of a cologne I used to use years ago that my husband (boyfriend then) really loved. This is a body spray, which I prefer because I don't like the 'strength' of most perfumes. Especially in the summer time, I want something that's very light. I'm going to CVS again tomorrow to buy a few more bottles in case it disappears from the shelf. Love this!!!

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Borsari Violetta Di Parma

Review by pink_cosmos: I got this fragrance about a year and a half ago, after having read many great reviews on MUA.
I simply cannot get enough of it and it has become a staple.
It is versatile, feminine, discreet, uplifting and sweet in a clean way. The violet note in it is fresh and not powdery and it is the closest thing to real violets I have ever smelled (I have grown violets in my garden since I was 6)

Review by lbarnold: Violetta di Parma is nice, but it just doesn't make me smile like Devon Violets. There's a strange, almost chemical bitterness to VdP that keeps me from really enjoying the fragrance.

Review by CherryBlossom03: I ordered this from Italy in the gorgeous museum reproduction bottle. The bottle was gorgeous and so was the fragrance. BUT not for me. I tried and tried, it just gave me an instant headache bordering on nausea the longer it was on. For some reason, I can't take anything with violet anymore, and I used to love it. L'Artisan Verte Violet and Drole de Rose do the same thing. I ended up selling it to one of the nicest girls on MUA who really wanted it and she loves it. I almost kept it just for the bottle, well worth the extra to get that special bottle.

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