what to look for in fragrance?3 good fragrances reviews

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By Marcella

what to look for in fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrances reviews!


Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Egyptian Musk

Review by kit_kat68: Beautiful, and to me, indistinguishable from my favourite EM: Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess - except the price, Auric is significantly less (and that's why I wouldn't buy the full size of this one). If anything, the DSH version might be a tad lighter, if that's possible! Egyptian Musks have a way of disappearing and reappearing on my skin, but somehow still radiate from me softly. I absolutely love them as they're quietly sexy, mysterious and clean, yet earthy and I always feel more peaceful wearing them. DSH, Auric Blends, Dream Esscents and Bodytime and Oil Hut (from what I've read) are all very similar and to me: soft, clean, and slighty earthy with pale grasses, gentle spices of maybe cardamom and coriander (but I don't think they're discernable as that). Very different from another other musk I know.

Review by YolandaMC: Georgeous, sexy, sweet yet clean Egyptian musk that's one of my staples. I think it's one of the best Egyptian musks you can buy, and I'd happily fork over my money for a bottle. I love this to death! Smells like clean skin, just stronger. Gives it that extra oomph that I love. Wears close to the skin and lasts for hours. Gorgeous. EDIT: After six months of having this musk, it turned on me. I still love it but a musk oil should last a lot longer than this. I'll stick to Body Time's long-lasting oil (it smells identical to this).

Review by Suzy_h: A good basic musk. Clean without being soapy and musky without being dirty.

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Bath and Body Works Orange Sapphire

Review by cweiss: I LOVE bbw orange sapphire!!!! I think it just smells fantastic, and so does my husband. It is so fresh and clean and bright and cheerful! I will definately be rebuying more products in this scent when I run out. I have the wallflowers, body butter, body mist, candle, body cream, and shower cream all in this scent, I can't get enough!

Review by cosmokid: WOW! Its rare that I find a BBW scent that does not give me a headache. Like others have said it starts off bright and fruity and dries down to a clean, almost aftershave type scent. Really hard to describe but I love it. I have a scrub and lotion and want to go back for the shower gel and body spray.

Review by tambien: I was expecting something much different from this. Everyone mentioned a darker, musky drydown, which I never experienced. Just orange. Lots and lots of strong orange. I just used the lotion and the scent stuck with me all day. However, since I didn't like the smell, it wasn't a good thing. Not impressed.

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Cafe Noir

Review by stellaluna2: The coffeehouse conjured by this very special fragrance is not like any found in the U.S. This is a French cafe, hazy with the smoke of Gauloise cigarettes, redolent with the roasting of beans and cup after cup of thick, syrupy espresso. Edith Piaf is singing in the background. A slight burnt-sugar note, almost like benzoin, underpins this scent. There's nothing creamy, milky, or chocolately about this one. No Frappacinos served at this establishment. If you are seeking a true espresso-bean fragrance, hold the cream and sugar, this is the fragrance for you. If you love PG's Bois Blond, and want a coffee-like version of that scent, you NEED this fragrance. And, on days when you want a lighter and sweeter latte, this fragrance is amazing when combined with SL's Un Bois Vanille. On its own or layered with a sweeter scent, this fragrance is a stunner.

Review by didion0312: Hm, first Bois de Chocolat fails to work for me, and now Cafe Noir does too, though I love the smells of both chocolate and coffee, in the real world. (Who doesn't?) But this scent, after a spicy and interesting, if overpowering, beginning, soon turned into the kind of coffee that's been left in the pot all day and is starting to scorch. I actually get undertones of burning trash. Not great, needless to say. DSH must just not mesh with my chemistry.

Review by mulhollanddrive: Cafe Noir may be my second most favorite DSH parfum...Minuit being the first. They're followed in no particular order by Feuilles Vert, Parfum de Luxe, Parfum de Grasse, Feuilles, Rose Vert and Nouveau Gardenia. These are my handful of favorites. Cafe Noir had such a profound impact on me. It is THE scent that led me to want to try to create a few of my own personal perfumes. Cafe Noir is sweet while at the same time heavy and rich and a touch bitter. It's such a lovely combination of woods and florals with the dense scent of coffee and benzoin coming through like a mouth watering liqueur. Yummy, but not necessarily one for "foody" lovers. This one is far more than a bunch of edible flavors tossed together like an ice cream sundae. It's a wealthy woman's fragrance. It's fine dining, china, and candle light. It's sultry and smoldering. It's an evening fragrance... Not for little girls.

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