what to look for in fragrance?3 best-selling fragrances reviews

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what to look for in fragrance?Let's see the 3 best-selling fragrances reviews!


Carolina Herrera CH by Carolina Herrera

Review by srobinb: The initial spritz provides a rather fresh note where the bergamot and the orange really dominate. Then it gradually evolves into something sweeter and it is where the praline appears and takes center stage! At this point it loses its freshness and becomes a rather unblended sugary mix which might be too sweet for my taste. Although it is described as a oriental/floral, I detect very weak flower notes ( rose and jasmine) and I would personally describe it more as a gourmand/woody. It is not bad, actually it suits cold weather and can be easily worn at day but is not really unique and the staying power is average. I have bought a small bottle (50ml) and I am not completely thrilled with my purchase, although I will still get some use out of it.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I LOVE this scent! I'm on my second bottle. I am terrible at explaining what it smells like, but adore the scent, and get compliments from men and women on it. The packaging is darling, but you cannot see that you are running out bc leather covers all of the glass. To me, it smells a lot like Flower Bomb. This is my signature scent for now and works day and night. I've not had such fragrance success since Dior Addict - I wore that for many years and compliments were so frequent on that. So, if you loved Addict - try this!

Review by AimeeO: This is basically a sweeter Coco Mademoiselle (for the reviewer who asked) without the patchouli-vetiver drydown.
Personally, I much prefer Coco Mademoiselle, because the patchouli drydown is what I like about it.
Oops, sorry this review is for CAROLINA by Carolina Herrera.

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Victoria's Secret Refreshing Body Mist in Vanilla-Coconut Passion

Review by jlinh2u: I've been using this for like 2 years now. This scent NEVER fails!! For a body spray it sure does LAST!!! Smells sooo good. The vanilla and coconut mixes perfectly. This is a keeper, and it won't fade for a long time. My absolute FAV out of all their body mists!!

Review by oopsygirl: I wear this with the matching body lotion, and I smell like heaven. It lasts pretty long when worn by itself too!

Review by iberian: do not get coconut at all, I get cocoa butter and vanilla, but no coconut at all. will not be buying it again. Its very nice, but no good for a coconut freak like me.

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CCB-Paris Annam

Review by aznbebebabe: Here is an unfortunately discontinued scent. It is comforting, sexy and very feminine without being too girly. It is a lot like rice pudding minus the heavy sweetness, thanks to the sake, with a smooth and even drydown. Is terribly expensive, though, as is so hard to find. Am ever thankful for my mini from France.

Review by andij: The first say, I don't know, 10 or 11 times I tried this, with every intention of falling deeply in love with it, I ended up haaaating it. It smelled scentless and slightly alcohol-y/perfumey and basically uninteresting. I could not understand why I got this, since every scent twin of mine on the planet seemed to be deeply enraptured with it. Of course, since giving my decant(s!) away, I have now fallen deeply in love. Annam is a milky, soft, warm creamy caramel-rice pudding scent that is comforting and cozy and gorgeous and I coooooovet. How fortunate for me that it is now discontinued ::sob::.

Review by marsqurine: CCB-Paris site says: ANNAM is an evocative mingling of soothing Milk, lively Lily, soft Tuberose, warm Rice and rare Woods."
I have to say that this is certainly one of the more interesting fragrances I've tried and have to give it top ratings for originality. It is an oddly comforting blend of sweet, milky rice pudding, a touch of floral to keep it from being foody and a dry, woody, smoky, church incense note to tickle the nose.

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