what to look for in fragrance?3 best fragrance reviews

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By Vicky

what to look for in fragrance?Let's see the 3 best fragrance reviews!


Keiko Mecheri Damascena

Review by Keva: I agree with some of the reviews below, it was very pretty at first but after an hour, it remained linear and ultimately turned into a cloying super sweet rose perfume. Too bad coz I almost purchased it.

Review by srobinb: On my skin, this is almost a *perfect* match with Tocca Florence Crema da Corpo! Anyone who's wished that Tocca would make a spray out of Florence should definitely check out Damascena. Websites list various roses and white musk in Damascena, but it matches the orris rose (cabbage rose) and powdery musk notes in my Florence perfectly. Damascena is perhaps a little more aggressive---like someone turned the volume up on Florence, but it's the same song. They both turn sweet and musky (in a nice way) over time. It lasts 8-10 hours on me.

Review by misswillow: Boring rose scent, ressmbles many other generic cheaper scents on the market!

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Unlisted Brand Jalaine Patchouli

Review by belle2216: This is the most gorgeous patchouly-vanilla combo I've smelled..but it's not the first time I smell this... I used to wear an identical oil in the early 90's that costs 8 for 1/3 and if I could only remember what the brand was..I would be very happy!

Review by navarre: This is one of the most delicious Patchouli's I have ever tried. It is smooth, almost clean...no dirty hippie or head shop patchouli here. It is like a mild waft of the scent...soft with just a hint of sweetness. I love it!!!

Review by cgosyne: Very odd. First whiff was of a truly nauseating blend of cotton candy and something sour (bananas gone bad, was my first thought) which had me reaching for the soap and washcloth pretty quickly. However, I got distracted and kept it on my arm for another 30 minutes. By then, it had morphed into a very clean soapy scent, with something else mixed in that reminded me of the whiff one gets walking past a LUSH store. No patchouli at all, nothing. As a skin scent, which is eventually what this became, it's ok but nothing at all to write home about. That's why sample programs exist.

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A Zaftig Woman Vanilla Cream Cake Roll On

Review by Leelee57: I am not so sure on this one.
I never understood when people said that such-and-such a scent smells "plastick-y" on them, now I think I know. I used to have a doll when I was a little girl, probably one of Strawberry Shortcake's goony little friends, whose hair I loved to bury my nose in and sniff. Granted, it was just a plastic doll, but the smell was just so sweet and comforting.
To me, that is what AZW Vanilla Cream Cake smells like...a creamy, cozy and well loved, but cheaply fragranced child's toy. This in and of itself I could live with.
What I cannot live with is my SO telling me "Girl, you stink. Wash that sh*t off, it's giving me a headache." Hmmph. Well, I didn't think it was THAT bad.

Review by roxiblue: MMMM!!! I love this scent! VERY true smelling and NOT plastic-y.

Review by dastac: Soft and sweet smelling. Great for layering under other perfumes or AZW oils/creams.

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