what to look for in face treatment?3 popular face treatments

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By Elena

what to look for in face treatment?Let's see the 3 popular face treatments !


Dermalogica MAP-15 regenerator

Review by dontblink15: Have been using it (on and off) for a few months. I don't mix it with moisturiser any more, I find that rubbing it in alone before the moisturiser works better. No major changes in complexion but I don't have discoloration or sun spots, however put it on wrinkles and watch them disappear immediately, though temporarily. Whether it's worth the high price I don't know.

Review by island_honey: Another winner from Dermalogica! After being out in the sun this past summer more than I should have been due to tending the yard and garden, my once clear goldie /pink skin was more like spotty brown/red. Not good! I like big results from my products and go to great lengths to find and use what works. This does! Just mix a pea size bit of MAP-15 w/ your nighttime moisturizer, that's it! The next morning: whiter, brighter, more glowing skin! From label: " MAP is a highly effective and stabilized form of Vitamin C... [It] helps dramatically improve skin firmness and clarity."

Review by blyss: This product is amazing! It contains very effective anti-aging agents and really it works. When you apply it you see the difference immediately. The only negative point about the product, it is hard to apply it all over your face, but on the package it is written that you should apply it to the areas that you see aging signs. Even if MAP is a derivate of vitamin c, it doesn't work as an antioxidant like l-ascorbic acid but it increase collagen synthesis. Also it is stable and doesn't go yellow like l-ascorbic acid serums. So it is still helpful about anti-aging :)

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Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel

Review by dxgirly: I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest and most widely used items in my cabinet! I mix it with my Darphin Arovita C cream at night and wake up to happy, glowing skin. I also mix it with
my hand cream and foot cream. A little dab will do you! I have pretty sensitive skin, but have
had no problems with this at all. It's very soothing and healing. Top of the line product!

Review by askewchick: Sweet mother of God, I swear someone ought to be shot for charging 90 for vitamin E!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so it's a runny gel rather than an oil, that does not justify the 90 price tag. Nor does it out-perform the regular vitamin e oil from the drugstore. I was given a big sample with a purchase. I use it to mix with the green tea honey eye cream to make it a lil more emollient. I highly reccomend that you try vitamin e oil from CVS before buying this. Oh, and I also tried using this for chapped lips and dry cuticles, but I prefer aquaphor much more.

Review by SisleyAus: Again no other reviews for the Jo Malone Vitamin E Treatment Scrub. Love the HUGE jar - part of Jo Malone's genius are the containers and boxes that house their wonderful products. Elegant and sexy! Upon opening the large mouth jar is an abundance of whipped texture honey butter sugar scrub- a huge amount. The scent is a cross between honey with a subtle powder scent as well. . This is not your typical scrub. A very fine gentle scrub with great moisturizing benefits that takes care of your skin.. I could really skip the moisturizer after drying off if I wanted to as I still feel moisturized. A hefty price for the hefty jar but a little goes along way.

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China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil

Review by pretty_please: I picked this up on clearance at Sally's for 2 and it was a total steal. I put it on every night before bed and my cuticles look great. It is not overwhelmingly pepperminty -- you can only smell it if you get right up close to the product, so it doesn't interfere with my hand lotion which is nice. I like it! :)

Review by Keva: China Glaze's Peppermint Cuticle Oil comes in a mini-size polish bottle of 0.325 ounces. It's a red-tinted oil with a light peppermint scent that is applied to the cuticles with the included nail polish brush. The product sinks into the skin well enough but since it is an oil and comes in a regular nail polish bottle, you need to be at a desk or table in order not to spill it. The scent is light enough to be noticeable but not overpowering. As for how well this works, I'm on the fence. I've used it on my not-so-overly dry cuticles and notice that they are softer but I'm not sure that this product would do much as a treatment or repair for really dry skin. I picked this up on clearance at Sally's for 1.99. While I indicated that I would buy it again, I would, but only at this price.

Review by lorraine07: Although I am still not quite familiar with the idea of cuticle oil, I listened to the wonderful ladies on the nail board and applied some after my pedicure had dried and I was pleasantly surprised. The most striking thing is that my fingers smell *YUMMY* I don't feel an extreme difference in my cuticles but they are absolutely horrid right now so I think it might take some time. This is considered a free gift in the 2010 holiday Merry Mint set and I don't see the need to repurchase again.

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