what to look for in face treatment?3 good face treatments reviews

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what to look for in face treatment?Let's see the 3 good face treatments reviews!


Palmers Scar Serum

Review by kit_kat68: Im extremely fair so when i break out, I tend to scar. I had a big ol' zit on my chin...which i popped (I know bad). It soon got infected (GROSS! sorry tmi) and became this huge un-concealable dry scaly painful, and oozy mess ( to which my mother so graciously named "Barnacle"). I tried to use antibacterial stuff (neosporin) which helped the oozy-ness, but then I had a big scar. I picked this out on pure desparation and im so happy to say my little barnacle is GONE!!
I will be using this on my face FOREVER! its soothing and says it may even out skin tone. My only complaint is that it feels oily, so i am concerened to use it on my whole face but I am thinking it's worth a shot... Maybe ill update at a later time and let ya'll know if that works out.

Review by pulidobl: Now that it's winter, my skin is quite dry, so using this on my acne scars is not a problem as it's rather moisturizing. I haven't been using this as consistently as I should, but when I do, I definitely notice an improvement in the lightening of my scars. The smell is awful, but as long as it works, I can bear with it. Afterall, there are products out there which smell wonderful, but don't do anything for the skin, so who cares if this smells vile, the main thing is it works. Just remember to massage the product in when using it. Also, this doesn't clog my pores, which is a plus. I'd recommend using this during winter only though, as I foresee it being too heavy for my skin during summer.

Review by JT14: I bought this at the drugstore for left over acne scars that i have. or (had) thanks to this stuff they are healing nicely and it also helped heal scars that were new a lot sooner than any other product I have tried. I have been applying it 3x a day and it is working. I have been using it for a week. I love it, it is serum so just apply to the scar and massage in, its not mean for the rest of your face. EDIT* POLYSPORIN WORKS MUCH BETTER...

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Renee Rouleau Anti-cyst treatment

Review by meeshmu: This stuff is HG for me because this month was the worst ever for me in terms of cystic breakouts. I usually don't get them but somehow 4 or 5 came and by using the RR anti-cyst tx, it helped tremendously to heal my skin. It's a clear liquid that can be applied 2x a day, it doesn't sting and it doesn't have any smell. The tx doesn't irritate my skin as well. Two thumbs way up for this great product.

Review by tippygirl: I have been battling cysts for years now and I have to say that FINALLY I have found something that really works. I typically get them on my cheeks and jawline once a month and they last for WEEKS so I pretty much always have something to treat on my face. I found that Mario Badescu buffering lotion and drying mask was really helping but I can only wear them at night?this is a clear serum that sinks right in so I can wear it during the day too. It shrunk a cyst in 3 days which is the fastest I have ever seen. I put it on one that was just starting and it was gone by the next day! I have also been using it 1x a week (at night) all over my cheeks to prevent and I wake up to very clear radiant skin. This is a must have product for me?I will never be without!

Review by Farra: I bought this because it had the word "cyst", and there did not seem to be any other treatments especially for cysts. This contains mainly lactic acid, and I did not find that it did anything special at all. For whiteheads, I found that MSSR 4% dried them out faster, for red pimples AcneFree's Spot Terminator (a mix of benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid) was great, and for cystic acne, a mix of the Terminator and Mario Badescu's Buffering Lotion (also formulated for cysts). Sorry, but there are better treatments out there for ME at least.

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Paula's Choice 2 Percent BHA Gel

Review by nishie: I ran out of my BHA liquid and all i have is samples of Gel. I think this one best suits my oily skin. It doesn't give me shiny after effect..if used in small amount it sinks into skin immediately. Although the smell is like crap it does it job, so i guess i would order this one instead of liquid form.

Review by guitarzan: I couldn't live without this product! As an acne survivor (thanks to Paula's products!), it has helped to make a huge difference in my problematic skin and I am almost totally blemish-free now. I use it along with Retin-A and find that I exfoliate better than I ever have! This BHA is absolutely A-plus!

Review by pretty_please: I agree with the reviewer below, unless I got a bad batch, this gel did absolutely nothing. I have mild acne and am prone to blackheads. I put this gel on and all it did was "sit" on my skin. It's like it's water - hard to absorb.... My face looked greasy/slimy. I never used again.

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