what to look for in face treatment?3 effective face treatment

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By Vicky

what to look for in face treatment?Let's see the 3 effective face treatment !



Review by kitten75: OK I HAD to write about this product. Only used it 48 hours thus far and my poors look the smallest/tightest I have seen them in years. I use the skin mediac ultra sheer moisture over it. Ive tried tons of retinol products. This is by far the best.
I used it morning and night. If my skin starts to feel to dry Ill just use it at night. LOVING THIS!

Review by Viognier: I had great results with this upon first application! Yes, finally an effective and gentle retinol treatment. I was recommended to use this at night, following cleansing as the first product on my skin if i would be using moisturizer, blemish spot treatment etc. Immediately reduced size of my pores, complexion more even, decreased break-outs. I constantly get compliments on my skin - I have a hunch the SkinMedica Retinol Treatment might have something to do with that!
Been using this for 4 yrs.

Review by KateN: I love this retinol cream. I was using a prescription cream, Alustra, which contains a generous dose of retinol and gave me great results, but I was surprised to find that this is much more effective (and a lot cheaper). My skin has never looked this good, and with no redness! I've found that I only need about the size of a pea to cover my whole face, as it's a very thin cream, and I only need to use it once a day to acheive great results. One of my HG skin products.

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La Mer The Whitening Water

Review by Pinki: This whitening water works well. It doesn't sting up my sensitive skin. I am not crazy about the grandma rosewater smell. The miracle broth, or whatever they put in the ingredients, works its miracle to brighten up my skin. I do use the whitening essence after. I see the results in a week. My skin is near flawless and I hope by the end of this expensive bottle is used up, my skin is all perfect.

Review by edie4711: One of the best toner. It seems to have a lot more ingredients than The Tonic thus leaving a slightly sticky feeling to the the skin. However it doesn't irritate my skin, leaves it moisturised like The Tonic and it is nice to know that there will be some extra benefits from using it than using other regular toners. I totally believe in the deconstructed waters. I realised that any of the La Mer products that contained it seems to absorb in a flash, their serums, toners and body lotions etc.... seemed to prove this point. Take for example for the body lotion, when I applied and trued to smooth it over, the water seems to sink right in within a few seconds and leaves the heavier coating on the outside. I felt the transformation of texture.

Review by Loriwong: I use the Whitening Essence together with this product, so you can read up the results on my other review. I don't know how far this product works on its own so I will tell you that as a toner, it just feels like a regular, nice smelling product. It hasn't caused any irritation or other problems but it hasn't produced any positive results as well. After using it for 2 months with the essence, I have not experienced any whitening or fading of my scars/pigmentation/freckles. I will keep using it until my La Mer Whitening Set finishes but I doubt I'll repurchase it

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Ettusais Medicated Acne Night Time Defense Powder

Review by kerroppifreak: i used this on and off before going to bed every night. it does make my face less oily when i get up in the mornings compared to days where i did not use this. but other than that, i dont know the actual use of this as it did not help to stop my acne/pimple problem.
will not repurchase as i think it has no effect..

Review by aml1: This is my HG. Helps to repair my skin at night and take care of any active pimples. I thought this might dry up my skin. But it didn't, my skin is baby smooth in the morning. Love this so much. I just place another order, cos it is always OOS.

Review by bebejacket: I have dry and very sensitive skin. I always have some kind of rashes all the time. This product is not just a baby powder as it looks like. I can feel that its grains are smaller than other powder. Only after the first night I had this powder applied after moisturizer, I felt the difference right in the morning. The skin was much softer.

It's very expensive. The package is good in term of function but I think it looks cheap.

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