what to look for in face treatment?3 best face treatments

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By Christina

what to look for in face treatment?Let's see the 3 best face treatments !


Unlisted Brand Honey

Review by lipstickcrazy: For the last month I have been cleansing with Cerave and using raw organic honey as a mask and my skin has never been better. The honey literally makes my skin glow. I have very oily skin and the combination of these two have really seemed to balance it out. When I do the honey mask I don't really have to use moisturizer. Today I had an allergic reaction to chemical SPF and honey was the only thing that would calm my skin down. I will repurchase again and again.

Review by IiIy: This review is for MANUKA honey with a UMF of 18 or higher. Plain old Sue Bee honey is NOT what I'm talking about here!
Manuka honey with a UMF of 18 or higher is fabulous on breakouts. Literally, takes away a zit overnight or lessens it dramatically. I use it over prescription Duac sometimes and it works great. But typically, I don't even need the Duac..the manuka honey is great on it's own. If it's a monster zit, then I do Duac with manuka on top. Manuka honey UMF 18 is great as a mask as well. I have tried regular Manuka honey that you get at the health foods store and it is not as effective. The jar has to say UMF 18 or higher on it. The brand I get is Comvita manuka honey UMF 18 and it actually comes in a tube. I ordered it from Koru naturals. They import manuka honey from Australia.

Review by amystar: I love all facial masks and products, but nothing really beats honey. I've been using honey for about 2 years now and it never failed to impress me. I usually use honey during the winter when I get dry patches, or when I am sleep deprived and my skin looks awful. After exfoiliating, I would apply honey to my skin, leave there for 20 mins and wash it off afterwards. After a daily night rouine I would go to bed, and the next day my skin is much more soft and moisturized. Honey really works wonders. :D

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Clarins Contouring Facial Lift

Review by island_honey: This products doesn't work,not lifting

Review by biomechmonster: This was used on me during a one-to-one complimentary facial. I must say the main reason I bought this was for the smell (yes I'm terrible). Although I'm not overly concerned about facial contouring, I must say this is an incredibley relaxing treatment. I love the smell, and the "manual auto-lifting" technique feels so relaxing. I have acne-prone skin, and this wasn't incredibley greasy. I would buy this again as a relaxing indulgence.

Review by KateN: Great texture and smell, but no effect on me. and terribly expensive.

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Jan Marini Age Intervention Face Serum

Review by nemomemo: After reading that Jan Marini's Age Intervention Face Serum was specifically formulated to foil the years by focusing on two important areas - hormonal levels and too much fun in the sun, I made a beeline for it. Texas is not a friendly climate for dewy skin!
I'm well pleased with the results so far, and will have more to say in a few more weeks. . The Serum goes on easily and absorbs quickly, leaving my face smooth for makeup in the morning and without pillowcase reminders at night.
We all know that the march of Ol' Father Time can't be actually stopped, but "Age Intervention" is surely a step in the right direction!
- Gail Cooke

Review by navarre: This product is my new favorite. I've used up first bottle. This serum as other review said is not liquid but more a lotion. I use this at night every other day. I have extremely sensitive and a bit on dry side skin and this serum keeps my face moisturized. When I use this product, I always wake up with a much softer and brighter skin tone. I would continue to purchase this since comparing with La Mer serum I was using before, this is a bargain.

Review by Bethany09: This is the one that smells like Pina Colada! Definately a very thin lotion as opposed to the clear serums of other brands. I use this as a daytime moisturizer or as an added treat under another cream. This thing is chock full of healing goodness, gentle lubrication for a life of crime in the big city. "Sea meadowfoam oil is recognized for its outstanding oxidative stability and contains over 98 percent long-chain fatty acids. It has higher quality triglyceride levels compared to other vegetable oils. Meadowfoam oil contains three previously unknown long-chain fatty acids." This is according to the University of Iowa's agricultural research department.

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