what to look for in face toner?3 easy to use face toner

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By Tifanny

what to look for in face toner?Let's see the 3 easy to use face toner !


Almay Toner 2 for Oily Skin with Meadowsweet

Review by Cristy1970: This is a wonderful toner that I am glad a friend told me to try.
I love that it is a foam cleanser/toner so one pump goes a long way and the bottle lasts. It cleanses the skin w ithout feeling overly harsh. It's got meadoweed which I am not sure what it's properties are but itleaves a light minty kissed feeling, not the overwhelmed by the cld noxema kinda feeling. It also soothes irritation nicely as it designed for problematic skin so it's gentle.
Since my skin is sensitive I can't use it everyday as it tends to dry me out too much but I do use it once a week during as a preslude to a mask. Overall this is a great addition to my skincare regimen.

Review by staci01: product is great, not too drying but not for everyday use unless you're super oily. After a month of use the solution turned from clear to cloudy. Is it due to bacteria growth or the solution settling in, idk. other than that it's a great toner.

Review by Susie31: I really like this toner. It keeps my skin calm. Best part of the collection

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La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Tonic

Review by Cordelia: Used it for more than 4 months,and I'm not a fan.Not worth the money

Review by belladoggie00: Pros- it is very hydrating (can be used as a serum), astringent effect is good for summer months.
Cons-strong smell of alchol, almost like a bottle of vodka, you should be careful not to use it around the eyes because it can be irritating. En plus, it evaporates very quickly so the cost performance is bad.
Overall, this is not a bad product so can benefit from it, but I personally think this tonic is something too chemical/artificial, not suitable for regular use.

Review by drusilladru: Overall, I love LP products. However, I am not a fan of any of their tonics/toners. My HG toner is Estee Lauder's Re-nutriv intensive softening lotion. It is half the price of this and alcohol free.
I know that this is technically a tonic and not a toner but one of the main ingredients is alcohol - just like many other toners contain.
Due to the alcohol - it dries my face out, making it feel taut.

I just don't feel it was doing any better than a DS brand. I will say that the tonic is gorgeous to look at but I'd rather spend the 95 on a good face cream.

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Clarins toning lotion alcohol-free for dry or normal skin

Review by Keva: I like this toner when my skin feels thirsty or when I had a cold, It saved me, while the extra comfort burned my skin. when my skin was normal again I could use the extra comfort again without the burning sansation. This toner is more "watery" than the extra comfort and has a cool feeling on the skin.

Review by mriaow: A decent, standard toner. It didn't improve my skin in any way.

Review by JettNY: I think this is one of the best toner out there. It's a bit pricey but it lasts me longer! Love the scent! It says gentle on the label but I can feel some tightness at times. But it only means that it temporarily clogs pores. I use it day and night and it definitely removes the excess make-up residues left by regular cleansers!

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