what to look for in face scrub?3 recommended face scrubs

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By Elena

what to look for in face scrub?Let's see the 3 recommended face scrubs !


American Beauty Soft Glow Gentle Face Polisher

Review by AutumnBliss: I bought this under the impression that it was an exfoliating face wash. After I got home, I saw that the directions said to use it right after washing your face and was a little bummed (I was running out of face wash and had just spent big bucks on a non-staple item). Anyways, I used it as directed and was more than pleasantly surprised. It left my skin feeling like a dream! My only complaints are that you can't use it more frequently than a couple times a week (according to the instructions) and the almost 15 price tag. I also love the pearly lavendar packaging of the product-so beautiful and feminine!

Review by cloud0204: This scrub does what it says: It exfoliates and does so gently. For a long time, I had not used facial scrubs anymore because my skin couldn't handle the particles and felt raw afterwards. I first tested this scrub at the counter and could tell right away that it felt gentle. So I shelled out the steep 14 (after all it is Kohl's, not Neiman Marcus!) and carried it home. I must say that I like the product quite a bit.
Application is easy, and the tube allows to squeeze out small amounts, not big blops. The smell is pleasant and not "chewing-gummy" like some other scrubs. Would definitely buy again.

Review by bunnyrabbit: I absolutely adore this! It's my HG exfoliator, and to think I bought this on a whim at Kohl's! It has tiny granules and a pleasant scent. I have very oily skin in the summer and combination skin in the winter, and it made my skin feel clean and fresh without overdrying like other exfoliators. I even use it as a mask. I do think it's expensive for an exfoliator, but it's definitely worth the price.

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Lucky Chick Sugar Body Scrub

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: This product *works* okay, I suppose - you do end up wasting a fair amount because it slides right off of your fingers, and not sticking to your body. I'm not sure how much I enjoy the scent - it's kind of cloyingly sweet and a little overwhelming. Reminds me of a very sweet perfume, like Calvin Klein Eternity or Chloe Narcisse, both of which I despise.
I'd recommend a more earthy scrub for the body - even lower-end brands like Neutrogena or Freeman are better than this. While somewhat effective, it is NOT worth the extra . You can do better.

Review by ZoSo: I usually buy the Bath and Body Works sugar scrub (which I love), but i love this product b/c it isn't as oily. It smells great and makes my skin soft.

Review by cperry: This is one of my favorite products! I love the scent, and I love how the scrub makes my skin feel. Most scrubs are too harsh for me, but this is great. Only thing is don't use the matching scented lotion after, it's overwhelming.

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Victoria's Secret Spa Smoothing Body Scrub

Review by srobinb: I'm so sad that this product is discontinued. It left my skin super soft and smelling so wonderful! I need to find this product. It's a must have before shaving/tanning..

Review by jamelia: I bought this in one of those little mini bags that came with the body lotion and the body wash and I adore this SPA line!!!! The scrub is great ~ it's not abrasive on the skin and yet it does a very good job of exfoliating. The scent is my favorite part and in the shower, the steam I swear brings out that fresh/floral scent and makes me feel like I am getting a "spa" treatment.

Review by nina: I love this product for a pre-shave exfoliation. It really helps me get a closer shave, which is a major plus for a body scrub. This stuff smells wonderful and it not abrasive at all. I took off one lippy because of the price and the design of the product. It would make much more sense if this had a cap that screwed on because the flip top causes the product to leak a bit inside the top. Otherwise, a wonderful product.

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