what to look for in face scrub?3 effective face scrub

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By Monica

what to look for in face scrub?Let's see the 3 effective face scrub !


The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub

Review by IiIy: I like this product. It's quite an effective body scrub indeed, with a pleasant scent to it (not that it matters, since it doesn't stay on or anything), relatively big grains for some serious exfoliating, plus you get a large amount of it. The only drawback to it is the packaging in my opinion, I always prefer squishing the product out of a tube rather than dipping my fingers into the paste in the pot, but that's just my own personal thing, I suppose it won't be an issue to most people. Don't know wether I'd repurchase though due to that fact, I mean I'd rather get something in a tube which will be far more convenient for my needs, and as for the content of the tube, it's still gonna have grains - how different can body scrubs really be? Back to this one, it gets the job done nicely, leaving the skin noticeably smoother and less irritated by environmental conditions, aka recommended.

Review by drusilladru: Oh my woooooooord the Moringa range smells fantastic! WHERE IS THE MATCHING EDT, BODY SHOP?!?!? Or better yet, a perfume oil! It is the sweetest, loveliest white floral scent I've (almost) ever encountered. The scrub works great too, pretty much perfect ordinary body scrub, with particles that are rough enough yet not of the scratch-the-skin variety. I would prefer, like the other reviewers, to get this in a tub. A pot in the shower is never a great plan - water gets in, and it's a hassle to open with slippery hands.

Review by Pinki: A decent body scrub, exfoliate just right, not too hard, not too gentle. smells very light, after the body scrub, my skin feels very smooth and soft.
Always love the body shop products!

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The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub

Review by labelslut: Love this! Got rid of my feet dead skin... but they came back after a while when I stopped using it. Feels cooling after I used it! May not buy again because I am too lazy to pamper my feet hahaha

Review by rebec75: This did wonders for my feet. My heels are very dry and almost cracked. This scrub helped remove all the dead skin and made my feet a little easier to moisturize. I use it 2-3 times a week and love it! After using it in the shower I follow it up with smothering my feet with lotion or cream and then keep a pair of cotton socks on till morning, my feet look and feel much better. Will definitely purchase again, may look into buying the body shop foot cream because not many creams are moisturizing enough for my feet even.

Review by Erin: I received this as a gift and I have to say, I really like it. It's a great scrub that helps remove dry skin from my feet but doesn't make them crack or hurt. The grains are small enough to be effective, unlike a lot of scrubs which I think have huge grains that don't do anything. And the smell is your standard mint, but not overpowering.
I don't see this as an essential item because a basic sugar or salt scrub would work as well and could easily be made at home, but I would still repurchase if I wanted something fun for my feet. The fact that TBS is opposed to animal testing and uses some natural ingredients is a big bonus. I think this is an all-around good scrub for when you need extra softening.

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Marcelle Hydra-C ComplexE Facial Exfoliating Gel

Review by cweiss: After months of trying different cleansers and scrubs, my skin was stressed and everything made me breakout. Then I found Marcelle's exfoliating gel and my skin has never been better plus I've used it ever since without any problems. I agree that for the price that you pay the amount is quite small and because it's a little runny often times I end up squeezing more out of the tube than I needed (it should be a pump rather than a squeeze bottle due to the consistency), but aside from that it's great! The beads are very gentle, enough that I use it everyday and my skin doesn't react to it. Plus I really like that it's fragrance free! I will definitely be repurchasing this over and over again and hopefully Marcelle never discontinues this product!

Review by JT14: I got a sample before and i LOVED it.. so i bought a full sized tube and it sucks! it's way too gentle and it didnt do anything for my skin. Won't repurchase.

Review by scrapdoll: This scrub does not exfoliate at all although my skin feel sweeky clean. I have sensitive skin and have to be carefull with scrubs. I'm still searching for my HG scrub.

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