what to look for in face moisturizer?3 best-selling face moisturizers

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By Helen

what to look for in face moisturizer?Let's see the 3 best-selling face moisturizers !


Perricone Phosphatidyl-E with Tocotrienols - Lipid Replenishment Face

Review by Springncts: I got a sample of this from Sephora with my online order. I couldnt believe how GREAT it worked! On first application my pores were super small and my skin firm. I have oily skin that breaks out often and this even calmed my skin down. I bought the full size jar last night at Sephora and woke up to wonderful skin! Im 37 and wished I started using this years ago. Go to Sephora and get a sample and you'll see what I mean. And did I mention how soft my skin feels....LOVING THIS STUFF!!!!!

Review by mielr: I love this product. The smell is awful. Just like FISH!!! But after awhile youll get used to it. I tend to only use it at night. It makes my skin feel like a sponge. I try to buy it in the 1 oz size with the moisture and glow kit. The kit is 50 dollars and you get a 1oz jar of this, and a 1.5 oz tube of the hand and body cream. If you do the math. You pay 120 dollars for the 2 oz bottle of this at sephora. Why pay that when you can pay 100 dollars for two kits. and get 2 oz and 3 oz of the body and hand cream too?

Review by lorraine07: I got this as a free sample from Sephora. It smelled horrible, left my face feeling and looking like an oil pit (and I typically have normal skin.) AND I woke up with the red semi-itchy rash all around my mouth and on my chin and nose. The rest of the sample went right into the trash!

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Philosophy when hope is not enough replenishing cream

Review by joheinous: For me, this product did what I was told it would do - moisturize my dry skin. Throughout most of the winter, When Hope is Not Enough has saved my skin from looking horribly dry, like it did the previous winters. While, at times of extreme cold/windy climate, my skin still felt a bit dry, most of the time I had nothing to complain about when it comes to this product.
I used it every day, over night, and will definitely be buying another jar when this one's finished.

Review by Olive143: this is by FAR Philosophy's finest product! Quite moisturizing provided you emulsify it in your fingers first and press it on yiour face. It also balances out my oily tzone. My fave Phil prod.....but not my HG moisturizer.......

Review by Bonnie2842: Philsophy needs to consider renaming their products so you can tell them apart! I got a little tub of the replenishing cream in the Winter Survival Kit and it couldn't stand up to the harsh benzoyl peroxide I slather on my face twice daily. Oh, and it gave me huge zits.

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Weleda Skin Food

Review by coolRED: I love this hand cream!
The smell is a really nice earthy, citrus fragrance. My hands instantly feel smooth after applying this. I don't find it to be too greasy at all.
My one complaint is the packaging. All Weleda products are packaged in more earth friendly containers, usually metal or glass. This lotion comes in a metal tube and I loved it at first. However, after a lot of use (the tube was close to empty) I noticed a small hole forming from having been bent back and forth a few times. Now when I squeeze some product out a tiny amount comes out of a hole in the side as well. Not a big deal, just worth mentioning.
The price may be high for some but I think it is worth it. My Target sells this and I have found it on sale a few times. Normally it is around 18 but I got it for 15 the other day.

Review by moth: I buy the samples of this from target. I use this year around, but I mostly use it on the skin around my eyes. It keeps my concealer and foundation from caking and it works great. During the winter, I use this on my cheeks at night time when they are dry and flaky and wake up to moisturized, supple skin. A little sample sized tube lasts a very long time since it doesn't take very much to do the job. I can't imagine not having it.

Review by roxiblue: I LOVE this stuff! I read about it on one of the boards here when I had really bad cystic acne one month and went a little crazy with the retin-a and differin which in turn made me look even worse with patches of peeling skin AND zits.
Not only did it immediately calm my skin and make the flaking stop after about 2 nights use, it also helped my toddler, who tends to get rough eczema type patches behind her knees and the crooks of her arms.
And such a bargain at about 12-15 bucks for a big tube.

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