what to look for in face moisturizer?3 best face moisturizers

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By Elena

what to look for in face moisturizer?Let's see the 3 best face moisturizers !


Paula's Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is a light weight moisturizer, it contains Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, (film-forming agent). It will be good to use on its own, or over it with powder fdn, BUT, if you want to use liquid/cream to powder/cream foundation, or a silicone primer after using this product, beware, it may pill and it did on me.
Since I have dry skin, this will not work for me as a night moisturizer.
No re-buy.

Review by blacklittlepig: I didn't believe the hype about this product originally... all the "It soothes redness and helps with anti-aging, etc." I do have to say that after using this product for a few weeks my skin does indeed look more calm and healthier. At first, I used way too much as I thought two pumps of the product wasn't enough to cover my face. I then began to feel it was too rich, so went back and followed the instructions and used the recommeded two pumps. I'm hoping this will be a good anti-aging product to add to my arsenal for the long term. So far, so good. My skin is more calm, less red, less oily, more "relaxed" looking. Haven't noticed any firming or change in fine lines but that can take up to three months to see results. Here's hoping and I'll update then! Paula has created (big surprise) yet another fantastic product in the Resist line with this one.

Review by LuiLui: This is the first time I've purchased any "anti-aging" type product, but now that I'm 34 I'm thought I should start. I decided to try this product because I still suffer from breakouts. After my first application of this I was pleased that it didn't break me out, and after a few days I definitely saw an improvement in my skin. This worked great to even out my skin tone and reduce the redness from past breakouts. I know it sounds so cheesy, but after about a week of using this I looked in the mirror and thought my skin was "glowing". It looks better now than it has for years. I wish this was sold in gallon jugs because I don't want to ever be out of it.

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Eucerin Hyaluron - Filler

Review by kerroppifreak: I like this moisturiser for its plumping effect. I use it in the day (it has SPF 15) under my makeup and I find that it moisturises very well. This is my first anti-ageing product as I was hesitant about using some of the richer creams which might break me out. I have extremely sensitive skin that turns red if I use complicated products. I find this to be a simple, straightforward first anti-ageing cream that is perfect for my current needs.
The downside is that it makes me slightly oily and it is a tad heavier than what I am used to. The texture is medium creamy but I guess that's what happens when you "upgrade" your skincare one notch.

Review by jules2064: I love all three products. I use the eye, night and day treatments. Indeed, Eucerin has saved my skin! The dryness and redness that I used to suffer has gradually subsided. My skin has never felt or looked better than it does now. These are God send products. I never used to like looking at my skin in the mirror. I suffer from lots of fine lines and post-acne scars that age me under makeup and bright light. But it took me by surprise when I checked my face at mid-day and noticed that my complexion smooth and healthy. Never have I been able to witness such a tremendous transformation. I've used expensive brands like Chanel, Estee, Clinique, CD, SKII, Origins (you name it, I've used it - and get next to nothing result) etc. Eucerin is affordable and doesn't cause breakout or irritation to my super sensitive skin.

Review by sophie_tan: I use the night cream and eye treatment from this range and has been using my 3rd tube. Love this product.
Initially, I was used to slather a thick layer of night cream but realized that with Eucerin, a thin layer would do the trick. It does goes on a bit oily upon aplication but it will get absorbed over time.
My skin really plumps up in the morning and my existing milia seeds (due to other products) are less visible. Would repurchase.

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Unlisted Brand Lacura Q10 Day Cream

Review by isabellet: I bought this after trying and loving the Q10 night cream. This product works as well for as anything I've tried. It goes on nice, it's moisturizing and my makeup goes on like a dream. The reason I gave it a four is because the of the scent. It smells just like this powder my grandmother wore, lily of the valley I believe it was called. It's not so awful that I won't wear it because it really is good stuff and it costs five bucks. But it may bother those that are sensitive to scented products. The night cream btw has a much more pleasant scent.

Review by Pinki: This cream is so great I can't even express my excitement over it. It has all the ingredients found in high end anti wrinkle creams, and yet it's only 3.99. Now, this is a great thing but doesn't always mean the formulation will be good.....So when I used this cream I was just wowed at how moisturizing it is and how good it made my skin feel. I've used quite a few drugstore brand moisturizers from neutrogena, Cetaphil facial moisturizer, olay, biore, l'oreal..I've nearly tried them all, but none compare to how moisturizing and rich this cream is. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth that if I don't wear make up I feel it all day. I have normal to dry skin, so I like the glowiness i get from it as well. I have to wear sunscreen separately but that's okay.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I went to Aldi today (5/28/11) and they are longer carrying the Lacura Q10 face cream or the Lacura "Mature Skin" Q10 face cream. I was very bummed! The Aldi cashier said they stopped carrying it a few months ago. I don't know why?? Can anyone enlighten me? I figure someone bought realized it was such a good deal at less than 4 a jar and they figured they could make more money on it selling it online! I don't know! I was first introduced to the cream when a friend brought some back from Germany. It is the exact same cream, jar and everything - but in Germany, it has a different trade name than "Lacura." Lacura is also manufactured in Germany.

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