what to look for in face cleanser?3 effective face cleanser

By Christina

what to look for in face cleanser?Let's see the 3 effective face cleanser !


Olay Hydrate And Cleanse Microbead Cleansing Serum

Review by staci01: My derm recommended this to me last week and I am loving it. The pump packaging is perfect, and it is indeed moisturizing which is great for us combo/dry girls going into the winter season. The micro beads are very gentle.

Review by fitnessa: As an Olay fan of the past 20 years, I'd recently all but given up on the newly re-invented Olay line. However, this cleanser is the best of their latest line. As someone with a constantly changing skin condition, I needed something that was inexpensive, effective and non-irritating. This cleanser is all of that. In addition, the microbeads are not obtrusive, and seem to dissolve really well. Great rinsability, and my skin was left feeling smooth and soft. The fragrance isn't too bad, either. Pump is a nice, functional feature of thie product. A must-have in every bathroom. Price is reasonable, too.

Review by mashafromrussia: I agree, this stuff washes off all your makeup. Even WP!!! Left my dry skin smooth and soft. I always use a toner after washing my face to clean any remaining makeup and cleanser, but there was absolutely nothing left on my face. The cotton puff was clean!!!

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The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Foam, Clarifying Acerola

Review by peachy905: This foaming face wash is fantastic! I have combination skin, but in summer it tends to get quite oily all over. This cleans and softens and does not dry out your skin at all and you don't need much. I've tried every single cleanser out there, and everything always left my skin still feeling oily, unclean or dry until this. I would not recommend this for dry skin, however, as it removes all the oil on my face and sometimes I have quite a bit. Here in Australia it is only 9 for quite a large tube, which is nice and squashy so you can get out just the right amount. The Face Shop is wonderful, so many quality products :)

Review by almighty_curv: I have this in all the different scents available and I love them all. A+++++! Best face wash ever!! I can't seem to find it in the US so I always buy a lot of them when I'm in Korea. Non drying, very gentle, just perfect in every way.

Review by dontblink15: I have the herb day cleanser in Mung Bean, which supposedly has antibacterial properties. My skin can be blemish prone with the wrong products, but overall I've had fewer blemishes as I've gotten older. I picked this up on a whim in Korea after the cleanser I brought with me ran out. I like that this is natural, and it foams up fantastically, makes my skin smooth and soft, and doesn't have an overpowering scent. so far no breakouts either. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin, as my face feels tight after washing. It does reduce my blackheads as well, and is only 7,000 won (around 6 US)!
It's difficult shopping at Face Shop since all the labels, etc are in korean, and the odds of finding a salesgirl who speaks english is slim to none. I've bought a lot of stuff here, all of which I was just taking a guess on. So far I've been extremely happy with most everything!

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Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six- Deep Pore Cleanser

Review by cweiss: I used this back when I was 12 when a friend tried it on me. 16 years later, I started breaking out badly along my hairline and chin from hair products so I went back to this and it has done a good job preventing breakouts/clogged pores in this area. I use it everyday along my hairline/chin (too strong for nose and cheeks) and on my chest, neck and back after cleansing. It also works well after working out when I dont have time to shower.

Review by catlover9_9: This stuff is the best out there! I've tried countless other brands and although they are good too, none have cleared my skin like this. It will dry your skin out a bit, but nothing a good moisturizer won't fix.

Review by Capprii: This is my favorite facial item. I started using this when I couldn't find anything to control my acne (in my teens, about 5-6 years ago). My mom used it when she was a teen, and thought we should give it a try. Well, it was the best thing I ever tried! I dried out my oily skin, and got rid of all the acne! I love that if I get a breakout, I can use this for about 2 days, and they are not even noticable! It doesn't smell that great, but you get used to it! I even love more how lazy it is! I don't have to wash my face with water, and get my sink all messy! You just apply with a cotton ball and call it a night =]

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