what to look for in eyeshadow?3 top eyeshadows ranking

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By Christina

what to look for in eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadows ranking!


Annabelle Haute Chocolate Trio

Review by YolandaMC: I love Annabelle eye shadows!!! I have had them in my kit for years. For what you pay you can't get a better product. The colour payoff is excellent, and it stays all day. Definitely one of my top pics when it comes to drugstore eye shadows!!

Review by ninanina: One of annabelle's newest creations. The trios are in flip top pots, with pie like divisions (think shamshbox and old stila). All of the shadows are creamy, very easy to blend, and have excellent color payoff.
Haute Chocolate is a gorgeous, unique trio. In the pan it looks very blah, but I was surprised. The lightest shade looks matte in the pan but on it is a milky taupey mauve color w/ iridescence but not shimmer. The medium color is a greyish taupe, also the same not matte not shimmery texture. The darkest, an excellent liner shade, is a charcoal w/ a hint of brown and golden shimmer. An excellent neutral day eye look.

Review by shelby1123: Wow, where have I been??? I've passed by Annabelle shadows again and again and never picked them up until now. The quality is far superior to many other brands out there- I like these better than MAC, Lancome, or even Smashbox. The shades are creamy smooth, very well pigmented, and blend together seamlessly. They are so cheap! I also have picked up two othe trios, as well as some singles. I'm hooked, and quite frankly I don't think I'll be picking up any of those other brands while these are available.

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Make Up For Ever No. 9

Review by staci01: I can't believe this color hasn't been reviewed yet! This, from what I know is one of their usually sold out colors as it was hard for me to get. It's one of the most unbelievable purples you will ever find...i can't descibe it perfect enough for you to get a good picture so i uploaded a good pic of number 9 and 92, but it's basically a very pretty dark lilac with blue tones. The pigmentation is amazing and the quality is just great.

Review by Dimitra: OK I am loving MUFE shadows right now. Extremely pigmented, long lasting...I like a lot of their mattes and my faves right now are 9 and 92. Amazing picture above btw! The color is definitely a blue toned lavender a mid to dark lavender very unique...It costs 19 at Sephora but I went to the makeup show in NYC about a week ago and I found it for 7.80 at the MUFE booth...I was ecstatic to purchase this!

Review by kimmie578: This shadow is a must have for lovers of purple shadows. It is a beautiful matte lavender and as the previous reviewers stated it looks fabulous with no.92. As always with MUFE shadows it is highly pigmented, long lasting and easy to blend. Highly recommended!

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Hard Candy Chameleon Eyeshadow Quartet

Review by drusilladru: I really like Heist, the greenish grayish color. I would repurchase that separately. I use the lighter colors as wash colors. They aren't too shimmery which is nice. The dark green isn't very useful for me, but I may experiment and use it as a liner more often. Overall, very nice quality shadows.

Review by bebejacket: I would buy Chameleon again for one shade. The hunter green shimmery shadow. This makes a beautiful liner. I have blue eyes and can't wear many greens, but this looks great. The lightest shade doesn't show well on me and the lavender and gray are so-so. But love that green! I received this free in a Sephora promotion. It's a keeper and just as Sephora had hoped, it led me to purchase other quartets!

Review by tippygirl: Definitely my favourite quartet... I actually use all the colours which I find to be of excellent quality and work well together - I can get both a girly or a smokey look out of this quartet which makes it a little more value for money as it IS pricey.
The packaging is excellent and I adore the liner brush that comes with it.
I don't think I could be parted from my Chameleon quartet now I have it. ;)

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