what to look for in eyeshadow?3 top eyeshadows brand

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what to look for in eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadows brand!


Jane Sungloss

Review by sleepyone: If Mac Naked pigment had a baby with Stila Kitten the result would be this eyeshadow. It's perfect as a wash of colour or a base shadow. Simple packaging. Great price. Love it!

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I really hate this eyeshadow, it has 0 pigmentation. Not even worth the couple of bucks.

Review by taskeeng: I give this 4 lippies because like others mentioned, the pigmentation is not as rich as say, a Smashbox or MAC shadow. However, I happen to think Jane has some of the best eyeshadows for super cheap. I bought Sungloss after browsing MUA and I'm totally impressed! It's the perfect base color for just about anything, and I've been using it during the day for an all-over look and it's polished looking and beautiful. It reminds me of Stila Kitten (sort of) but without all of that darn glitter that I'm starting to get sick of as I get older. I think anyone would be really pleased with this shadow as a base or a wash of natural color.

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Vincent Longo orbit dusk trio

Review by Erin: Great colors that can really be built up for night or left simple for day. Looks great with my coloring (light skin, blond hair, green eyes)

Review by mriaow: This is my second VL trio. I love this! so pretty! great for the smokey look. It has a sheer shimmery champagne colored shadow, a deep plum and a chocolate brown. Now i can do the smokey look w/o looking like i got a black eye. Major rave!

Review by biomechmonster: Very, very happy with this trio - I like VL trios a lot in general, but I find this one to be heads above the rest. The color combination is just gorgeous, the medium brown and grey shades blend beautifully into each other, and the light color is a great highlighter. Will definitely be purchasing this one again.
NW20, fair skin, can see this working on lots of skin tones.

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MAC Golden Lemon pigment

Review by didion0312: I LOVE this pigment. This is the color I was hoping gold pigment was going to be. Gold pigment for some reason on me leaves a dark undertone, almost muddy looking, Golden lemon on the other hand is a bright yellow gold (so pretty).

Review by dlbd2k06: My all time favorite mac pigment! It's seriously the most gorgeous gleaming gold you've ever seen. It delivers such a pretty sparkle to the eyes and enhances them. I mixed this with rose pigment and made it into a gloss. Such a gorgeous pigment that is highly recommended!

Review by Cristy1970: Well, I have a sample of this, and it is really bright. I use it as a yellow for my darker NC45 skintone! Not sure if it my favorite, but it has a lot of shimmer!
Edit: Turns out it has too much shimmer to be a day color, but definately whip this out at for night time looks!

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