what to look for in eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadows compare

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what to look for in eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadows compare!


Everyday Minerals Nutmeg

Review by tippygirl: Bubbleheart has described the colour of this eyeshadow exactly! I really like this eyeshadow. Its a great neutral that is great for an all over daytime lid or crease colour, and I feel that its very multipurpose - I can always rely on this shade to make my eyes stand out but not overdone for the day. I highly recommend this colour to ladies who like matte neutral toned eyeshadows. The only con I have is that I didn't buy the larger size!

Review by Stampy_76: This is a really wonderful matte taupe. I use it as a crease color. It is mineral so it does get a bit messy, but other than that I find all the other qualities one looks for in an eyeshadow to be present (blendability, pigmentation, etc.)

Review by pretty_please: Mmmm, lovely. Elegant subdued matte brown shade with grey undertone. Doesn't wash out my cool pale skin. Great for people like me who are rubbish at applying eye shadow - blends in nicely and hard to make a mistake with. I wear on the lid up to the crease with a heavy 60's eyeliner sweep of Sweet Woodruff.

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MAC Tilt Eyeshadow

Review by blueaygi: i love this colour! i don't wear it much, but when i do i absolutely love it. it's such a difficult colour to describe because it's so complex, but whatever it is...it rulez.

Review by miss_mac: I love Tilt. I usually don't like blue eyeshadow because I think it looks garish on me, but this one looks very pretty, not too bright or clownish at all. It's blue with silver, green, and purple shimmer. It looks good paired with blue, purple, green, and even neutral colored eyeshadows.

Review by pink_cosmos: I was going to buy this and MA applied it to me.But it didnt show.Really!!!I was suprised but alittle shocked that it was bolder in the pan but when I tried it I couldnt believe the "hey I am famous print e/s and I am not here"look.So I didnt pick it.I picked moons reflection which is an outstanding gorgeous colour.

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L'Oreal HiP Shocking Shadow Pigment - Visionary

Review by Newme: I am a fair Asian and this golden dramatic shimmer color looks suprisingly natural on me. My day eye look is this eyeshadow put on lid and glossy eyelashes for a luminous natural look. I will finish my little pot.

Review by srobinb: good color. i like that it packs on nicely and the powder itself is kind of moist.
i love it on the lid, packed on with some kohl liner for a relaxed look.
good pigment
EDIT: i mixed this today with a clear gloss and it looks INCREDIBLE on m nc35 olive skin. LOVE IT! a gold bronzey lipgloss!

Review by KateN: So I found this on sale at cvs for 75% off! The regular price is around 13 too pricey in my opinion for such a small container. With this being said, I would only repurchase if it was on sale again. ANYWAY! I almost bought an urban decay eyeshadow in Baked but I saw this for 3 and changed my mind. It's a VERY nice drugstore eyeshadow. Beautiful gold pigment. A little bit messy as it is a loose powder. I have not tried this with my blue contacts in but I bet it will look amazing.

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