what to look for in eyeliner?3 recommended eyeliners

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By Sara

what to look for in eyeliner?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeliners !


Flirt Look of Love Eye Pencil- Gold Tease

Review by pinkiiish: I was pleasantly surprised by this eyeliner. This is a very neutral dark gold eyeliner. It reminds me of an "antiqued gold". It almost looks medium brown from a distance (with no red undertones). Very pretty, especially with my brown eyes! I'm also surprised by the lasting power- I own other Flirt eyeliners that have average lasting power, but this one seems to last all day.

Review by Caligirl42990: Gold Tease is a more of a bronzy color on me. The ultra creamy formula glides on smoothly to perfectly line and define eyes. The liner had decent staying powder. Very understated for those who want to try "gold" for the season.

Review by rebec75: Okay, so I'm a bit of a makeup snob and have my fave high end brands....however, when I was in Kohls the other day, I started looking at their makeup (which Estee Lauder designed!) and I started playing with their Flirt line. Their eyeliners were just like MAC's eye kohls! The Flirt line is supposed to mirror MAC and the Grass Roots line is supposed to be like Origins. I didn't believe that they would be so similar and they are. I ended up getting Gold Tease eyeliner, and I love how it goes on. Plus, the price is only 10. I will definitely be back to try out more products.

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Styli-Style Line & Seal 24 Twist - Extreme Eyes - Black

Review by meeshmu: Unfortunately this eyeliner does not work for me. Smudges both on the lids and on the waterline. Was not completely water proof to me and definitely did not last 24 hours. I am still using it when it comes to emergencies; however, i would never repurchase this product nor use it on an important day or event.

Review by DawnD: I highly recommend these, they are so pigmented and waterproof and great price. These are dupes to MAC techankohls but at a drugstore and better price. I want them to come out with more colors!

Review by AutumnBliss: A year and a half before Prescriptives went out of business, they introduced a waterproof automatic kajal. It blew Colorstay out of the park and I was in love. When they announced they were going out of biz, I bought several. I was down to my last pencil, and already back using Colorstay, which I was not happy about. I decided to try this and I think these blow Colorstay away. They really last, are highly pigmented and on par with the Prescriptives product that is no more. An my eyes water and my lids tend to be oily. So far, I'm very satisfied. Great product.

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Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner in Panama

Review by Chloeclover: This eyeliner comes in a very natural, chocolatey shade of brown that is suitable for everyday use. It goes on quite smoothly but it really doesn't last that long!! I have to touch up every couple of hours but then I have super super oily eyelids so I guess for any other normal person it would last quite a while! Until I've found something better I guess it will be my staple eyeliner!

Review by Jennybear: This is THE perfect color of brown to do a natural looking top eyelid eyelining job... perfecto! This is also very soft so it goes on easily and it wears pretty well also. This is a staple for me.

Review by runtagua: These were actually bought for me as a part of a gift set. This would make for okay eyeliner (not really creamy or anything special, just typical eyeliner). I'm not sure about the lasting power on a waterline, or anywhere else on your eye, as I use this as an eyebrow pencil. For your eyebrows, it works really well. I have black hair, and even though this is brown, it looks very nice and natural. So, I wouldn't purchase again for an eyeliner (I would never buy an eyeliner in brown, anyway... only black for me.) but for an eyebrow pencil. Too bad I didn't discover these a week ago... I just purchased a brand new brow powder. Oh well, I can alternate now, I guess!

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