what to look for in deodorant?3 best deodorant

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By Stella

what to look for in deodorant?Let's see the 3 best deodorant !


Lancome Bocage Deodorant-Anti Perspirant Roll On

Review by vengland: This isn't my main deodorant, but it has been a good replacement since my main one doesn't seem to be in stock that often. It keeps me fresh for the whole day, I reapply it for the gym because I don't want to risk it and I do sweat a lot but with this deodorant, everything is great!

Review by Newme: I love this! The only downside is that I can only get it outside the US!
:( Anybody know a way to get it over here? I always keep a stash but I need a new way to replenish my stock after I run out...

Review by amystar: Purchased this product after reading about it here! I'd never noticed it while traveling before. I'm very happy to have purchased it. It's a wonderful deodorant and smells so nice. The smell is not heavy so will not compete with your fragrance of choice. Last all day--even on hot days...unbelievable for me! I use this and Kiehls (rotate..every other day) and they both work wonders for me! These are staples for me from now on!

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Yves Rocher Fraicheur Vegetale Green Tea Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant

Review by Jessimau: Love this deodorant locked in a tiny green plastic bottle, and use it every day.It takes some time to dry but totally provides all-day protection against sweating and stinkage:)

Review by isabellet: love the smell! this is the only deoderant ive used that doesnt make my armpits itchy. i think im allergic to most deoderants and its only after using this that i realized.
downside: takes too long to dry!!

Review by ciarar: I don't like Yves Rocher. I think one of their products caused permanent damage on my skin. However, I do love this deodorant and have been using it for years. It smells great and works really well once it completely dries - even better than solid deodorants. This product is the only reason I still order from Yves Rocher.

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Unlisted Brand Ban Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant-Powder Fresh

Review by CherryBlossom03: Ban did nothing for me. Not sure which scents I used but I was never fond of them.

Review by jlinh2u: I got this product as a sample sometime in the past. I have it in Paradise Winds, and I absolutely LOVE the smell. However, the product doesn't actually work in keeping me dry. It's a shame, cause the smell is almost enough to keep me purchasing it again, but I won't.

Review by Jaie: i suffer from excessive sweating so i have tried many different deodorants.. this is by far the best!! i use sweet surrender and i LOVE the sugary smell of it!! i've always had problems controlling wetness and odor and this is better than secret, dove, or even any men's deodorants that i've tried! a lot of them have seemed to even make it worse! i read some tips on how to control wetness more and it said apply it at night too so it can be "absorbed" more or something like that! so i find it helpful if i apply it before bed too! i'm using a prescription treatment now once a week to control my sweating but i will definately continue to use this too!!

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