what to look for in concealers?3 recommended concealers

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By Elena

what to look for in concealers?Let's see the 3 recommended concealers !


Laura Geller Real Deal Full Coverage Cream Concealer

Review by diachu21: This concealer provides amazing, creamy, non-caking, non-drying coverage. It will cover ANYTHING. I have the kind of eye shadowing that age brings (corners of my eyes, tear ducts, crease, beneath the eye, etc.) and this concealer covers and lightens the entire orbital area. It will also cover scars, ruddiness, rosacea, capillaries, broken veins, sunspots... you name it, GONE! You need so little of this to conceal everything. Just a pinhead size drop for both eyes and maybe a smidge more for any problems you need to cover. I purchased mine in "light" from QVC. It cost around 20 and will probably last a year or two. This is a must try - you know if you need it. Get it!

Review by angelchan: Pros :
Covers well
Cons :
Expensive ( even though a tiny bit does go a very long way, I could easily use this every day for a year and still have some left)
Settles into lines
The lightest colour was still too orange for me
Overall: This concealer does cover well and even though it is expensive it is very thick so it will last you a very long time which justifies the price I think. However It does settle into lines, creases, doesnt last all day and the lightest colour turned orange on me after a few hours. Will not rephurchase. Going to try Kat Von D's concealer next.

Review by bekkbekk1985: The Light shade is too light and the Medium shade too dark and warm; with the right shade I would love this as an undereye concealer, because coverage and texture is great. I had no creasing at all, and at my age I have texture beneath my eyes! As everyone has mentioned, A DOT is all that's needed, so it's a fabulous price for the amount given. To cover blemishes? Not so much. With only four shades I couldn't find one to match my skin. And honestly, I can get greater coverage on my blemishes and spots with mineral makeup (Alima or BE) applied over a layer of eyeshadow base. Laura, I love you girl, but we need more shades!!!

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Lauren Hutton Double Duty Concealer

Review by biomechmonster: I love this pencil. I have a really hard time finding spot concealer that doesn't irritate my skin, and actually matches/covers discolorations - this one is perfect for both.
My only complaint is that I only use the sheer concealer side, so I wish I could get just that one in a pencil, but I'll take it as it is just to get that sheer concealer pencil.
I am sad to say, it seems to be sold out everywhere now (June 2011), and on LH website it says "no longer available" when I tried to order a new one. Oh NO!!!! Bring it back Lauren, bring it back!

Review by joheinous: A great double-ended concealer in pencil form! The Lauren Hutton spot concealer is at one end of this pencil; the sheer concealer at the other end. The opaque spot concealer is great for covering discolourations, blotches, and those little veins. The sheer concealer does an excellent job of lightening shadowy areas. The texture of both concealers is very soft, so it's easier to daub, dot, and draw over discolourations and shadows. I really like the Lauren Hutton line in general, however, I find the palettes rather large to carry with me everyday. This pencil (and the Double Trick lip liner/lipstick) are a great solution to that issue. This product is available in rather a limited range of colours, so it won't work for everyone, however, the colours work for me (Pink/light) and this is now a staple in my makeup bag.

Review by beckibabe: What a great idea for carrying concealer with you. I love the fact that I have both the sheer concealer on one end and the spot on the other and that I can touch on the go whenever I want without a mess. Bravo!

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Everyday Minerals lavender concealer

Review by oopsygirl: This is a very very light, matte lavender shade. It goes on very sheer, with almost no sheen. It is nice if you are olive and want to combat some sallowness in the cheeks or under the eyes. It also helps to keep blushes from turning orange, if you have that issue with any EM blushes. If you are darker complected, this may be too light for you.
I would buy it again, because it does the job, but I think it could be taken up a notch. A little more lavender, or a shimmery version maybe?

Review by redheadjane: RIS and I love this so much.Got the fullsize which will last forever so am pleased about that.The reasons I love this are as follows:
It really does a great job of covering my dark circles,I didnt believe a lilac colour would work but it does! If I add too much it looks a bit weird but just a touch brightens the area and I look fresh and awake even if I feel half dead.
If I apply a light coating under my foundation it makes my skin look more even and balanced..brighter too.
It even makes a pretty pale eyeshadow that looks lovely with my purple eyeliners :o )
I would deff purchase again but doubt I'll need to with the size of the pot.

Review by isabellet: I have only used this product for a few days but I already love it! I have yellow undertones in my skin and if I'm not careful, I can look like I have jaundice. Brushing this lovely concealer very lightly over my foundation really brightens my face. It also helps with the dark circles under my eyes.

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