what to look for in candles?3 top candles

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By Fiora

what to look for in candles?Let's see the 3 top candles !


Yankee Candles Tart in Nutmeg & Cedar

Review by stephanie32082: Very unique scent from Yankee! It smells spicy, but also has a woody undertone from the cedar. Not too foody, more sophisticated. Good scent throw and lasts a long time. Perfect for Autumn and the Holiday season.

Review by julie9536: love this scent! I was looking to find a replacement for my husband's favorite Cinnamon Yankee Candle, (sadly, I think it's discontinued) and I came across this one. I love woodsy scents and this one is invitingly warm with a suble spiceness to it. It has great throw and is in my opinion a great candle to give as a gift to male friend or family member.

Review by Viognier: My fiance got this for me a couple of months ago and I love it. I am glad he picked it out because it is not a scent I would purchase myself. Nutmeg and Cedar is perfect during fall, as it has a warm woodsy scent (not like charred firewood aka fireside) and a touch of spicyness from the nutmeg. This is perfect to burn all the time, even through dinner because, while the candle has excelent scent throw, the scent is not overpowering. It's like nice trip hop playing in the background of a swanky lounge - it's there, it's nice, but it doesn't take over. :-)

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Laura Mercier Tarte au Citron candle

Review by JT14: COMMENTS: I'm a little undecided on the fragrance of this candle. When I first smell it, I like its lemon meringue scent (a warm creamy lemon), but if I'm around it too long, I find it too be a little on the sweet and artificial side. Comes packaged in a glass candle holder and an organza bag. This candle is strongly fragranced - much more so than the Orange Brulee version. I was told by a LM rep that it is made by Slatkin, so it should be a good quality candle. Also, I was told that the wax is soft enough that you could use it as a solid perfume, but I haven't tried it in this manner. The burn time for this candle is 40-50 hours. Sells for 42.

Review by Sybil84: What a dream this candle is! I adore the way this scents my house. It smells of fresh lemon meringue pie right out of the oven and lasts a long time too. I also like using the wax as a perfume, as I've been told by LM representatives to do. Never really thought of using candle wax this way, but it works. This is one of my favorite candles and it can burn for many hours, even though it's an extremely expensive candle at 42. I do love it, and can't help using it pretty much every day. It's a pick-me-up, feel-good kind of scent.

Review by rebec75: When Santa sent some gift money, my first splurge was this wonderful candle; after enjoying and loving the tarte au citron soap, I just had to have it. The scent is deliciously addictive; calming, authentic and comforting, without being overly sweet or foody. The presentation is simple and elegant, and in terms of throw and lasting power, the quality unsurpassed, though I agree with a previous comment about it burning hot and a bit sooty. Applying a smear to your wrist as solid perfume is also a nice way to enjoy the scent, but it doesn't really give off much fragrance that way.
This candle is definitely worth the high price and I would gladly buy another when/if this one ever wears out.

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Votivo Provencial Honey

Review by kimberpoo: While I'm generally a Votivo fragrance fan, I didn't like this honey scent at all. To me, this smelled overwhelmingly of corn syrup or icky caramel rather than sweet fresh honey, as I expected. It was just too much of a thick and gooey smell and I just didn't find that appealing. I much prefer the fresher and tangier Votivo scents to this one.

Review by kjjamm808: Usually I'm not too impressed with candle scents--so many of them smell artificial and quickly overpower a room--but Provencal Honey is an exception. Sniffed in the jar, it smells almost sharply sweet, but when lit it acquires a drowsy mellow roundness, conjuring up associations of beeswax, golden skin, and dusk in early summer.

Review by francesca39: I've looked everywhere for a honey candle that actually smells like honey and this is one of only 2 that I've found. Pretty strong scent, I could smell it all the way upstairs when it was burning downstairs. If you love honey like I do you will like this candle. It would be so cute in a gift basket with some tea.

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