what to look for in candles?3 good candles

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By Marcella

what to look for in candles?Let's see the 3 good candles !


Laughing Out Loud Almond Pastries

Review by clnfox: This smeels like a bakery!! Great throw, if you love almond notes definitely give this a try! Perfect for Fall and Winter.

Review by belladoggie00: This smells awesome! Smells just like sweet almonds...yummy!

Review by Newme: This tart is wonderful! It smells so true. I've had other candles which gave off pure almond flavor, but none that caught the bakery/pastry notes too. This really does smell like I'm making fresh almond croissants in my kitchen. When I'm cutting calories, I just make a pot of coffee and start this tart. I can "smell" the luscious pastry while I sip my coffee and read a good book. Another LOL must buy!

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Yankee Candles tart in lemon zest

Review by runty: I'm actually burning this tart right now! I like this frangrance, the only thing I don't like about it is that the name is deceiving. It's not a true tart lemon scent, which is what I was hoping for. It's more of a creamy lemon desert. It's got a bakery scent that I can't quite place. It's pleasant, so it still gets high marks from me, but just not exactly the tart fresh lemon scent I was expecting. I just finished cleaning my house and I wanted a clean lemony smell to go with it, but what I got was some sort of lemon cookie scent. Still good though, but now my husband wants me to make cookies.

Review by Pinki: This has a very strong lemon zest scent with great throw. True lemon. Refreshing.
To compare scents I lit an old YC "Lemon Meringue". That one had more of a bakery smell to me. I could sense the meringue, vanilla and crust in that one. It was creamier and milder.
The new Lemon Zest scent hits with a punch, however.

Review by shelby1123: Yummy tart! It reminds me of starburst candy.

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Illuminations Rose Candle

Review by Capprii: This is a true rose scent. It is strong enough without being too overpowering. It makes the whole room smell like fresh roses. This is one of my favorite Illuminations scents.

Review by Bethany09: very nice smelling rose. Not too strong and is just overall pleasant smell. lol even my younger brother thinks it smells really nice. It's really a nose friendly scent

Review by scrapdoll: If I had to pick the best illuminations candle it would be the rose. It has a very classic not over-powering sweet rose scent. I get sick of every other one of their fragrances after awhile, but I am addicted to the rose. The frosted glass holder and cap the candle comes with is very cute as well and I bought the largest size so it is suppose to be lasting me 100 hrs or so. I would suggest that you buy one of those mini-blow torch lighters to light all your candles because when the candle gets low in the holder, using a lighter or matches can get annoying.

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