what to look for in bronzers?3 effective bronzerss

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By Christina

what to look for in bronzers?Let's see the 3 effective bronzerss !


Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze in Sun Kissed Shimmer

Review by iberian: I used to use this all the time, theres no irritating ingredients and no bismuth oxychloride which is usually extremely irritating for people with sensitive skin this bronze is highly pigmented and really nice to use, and its cheap a little goes a long way

Review by Vaniessa: This is such a great bronzer for such an affordable price! I've been using it for a few years and I absolutely love how it makes my skin look. I have acne prone skin and this has never made me break out. It looks natural and is not too shimmery but just has enough to make a natural glow. I took off a lippie because it can get a little messey since it's loose powder. I use a powder brush and it tends to get everywhere no matter what I do to prevent it.

Review by ckgurl714: This is a fun, and inexpensive product for when I want to add sparkle to my face :-) It's VERY shimmery, and the color is nice and sheer. Looks very pretty as a highlighter. I would advise to use a light hand though!

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Bonne Bell Powder bronzer

Review by kimmie578: This is like a cheaper version of Guerlain's Terracotta Bronzing powder. I bought Golden Tan and I can be a little more generous when using this product as the color builds depending on how many times I swipe the pan with my brush. I did a side by side comparison on my face one day when I wasn't going out anywhere. There was very little difference in color and neither one turned my skin orange. The best thing about this is... it's 1/10th the price of Terracotta. At the Bonne Bell website it's only 4.50.

Review by Cordelia: I really like this. I am very fair, so I had a difficult time fnding a bronzer that didn't make me look orange. This is perfect. It goes on smoothly, blends well, and gives a teensy bit of shimmer. It's great to wear year round, and for 3 a pop, you actually can!

Review by runtagua: I have order a compact of bonne bell powder bronze in
'golden tan' shade and it is very natural looking and
buildable. It is a superfine powder and comes with
a little brush but I use my own brush which is bigger.
Fantastic on the face for a healthy golden look wich
looks very natural. I sometimes also use this as a blush
and it just melts into the skin.I have fair/medium skin and
this color is wonderful.

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Bobbi Brown illuminating bronzing powder

Review by AokiJ: This is one of the best makeup products I've ever had the pleasure of buying. I got mine in Antigua.

I've never been into bronzers because they always make me look too dark, or fake. This does the opposite. It's so natural. This gives a beautiful natural glow, with a hint of pink. It does make you look a bit darker. But it doesn't look like you put bronzer on. It looks like you just came back from the beach, with a slight sunkissed tan. I've never even heard of a pink bronzer before. It looks beautiful as a blush too. This is something every woman needs in her makeup bag. And the price was pretty good too. With tax it's 34. Not bad for something this good! and for something from Bobbi Brown!

Review by minnielouse: I bought the illumination bronzer in bali brown and bahama's. This is not glittery,, it's a subtle shimmer that is ok even on women 'of a certain age'', it gives a gorgeous glow and stays on all day. I just love both shades and am planning to buy one more shade. Not sure which one yet though. I'm a former makeup artist and I would endorse this product for everyone. Excellent quality!

Review by marsqurine: With my fairly pale skin (NC20/Porcelain) I so far gave bronzers a wide berth sincetheytend to make me look either orange or as if I hadn't washed my face for weeks - therefore I was intrigued when BB advertised their range of illuminating bronzers, promising to offer a colour for every skin tone.
The MA at my local counter recommended Antigua and Aruba to me- and lo and behold! With Antigua (a pinkish bronze) alone I look awake and well rested, Aruba dusted over that with a light hand maked me look like I've had a short beach holiday - slightly bronzed, but not screamig fake at anyone.
I also bought their bronzer brush - large and flat topped it managed to distribute the bronzer evenly with out making it look splodgy.

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