what to look for in body skin care?3 recommended body skin cares

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By Fiora

what to look for in body skin care?Let's see the 3 recommended body skin cares !


Dr. Hauschka Body Oil

Review by Keva: I heart these oils. I've tried two so far. My favorite is the Blackthorn -- it has a woodsy scent, somehow like spruce -- but really sophisticated and not terribly strong. It's great for tired gams and feet but has a lot of tannins and vitamins so it's apparently used to avoid stretch marks. I can see how this would be true, it's very toning and hydradting, yet not oily. I can't say enough good things about it. Apply to moist skin and the container will last forever. I keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh. I've also tried the rose oil, This is a light rose scent with a white pepper note, so you won't smell like grandma, but I so much prefer the first one.

Review by aml1: I have a tiny travel vial of the rose body oil; it is silky peanut oil that smells of old, heavy rose, which (thankfully for me) fades in minutes.

Review by Cordelia: This is really called "Blackthorn Body Oil" it contains blackthorn extract as well as rosemary and lavendar. It claims to eliminate stretch marks. I've been using it during my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It looks like its been working so far. A tiny bit goes a long way and I don't see how I'll ever finish the whole jar. I just wish there were a better, less messy way to apply it--my bedroom floor is getting lots of little oil spots on it.

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Unlisted Brand Mr. Pumice - Pumi Bar

Review by stephanie32082: MUA has never steered me wrong. This is great for daily or weekly use, but if you have particularly stubborn or cracked heels, you may want the extra-corase version. I run this over my heels a few times a week when I am in the shower, and it keeps them sandal-ready.

Review by moth: If you want soft feet, this is a great product for you! I use it at the end of my shower with some moisturizing soap. It has made a huge difference in the smoothness of my feet.

Review by Capprii: Never without this product! I have smooth feet all year long......

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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder Drum

Review by Cristy1970: Love the smell! Makes me sweat lesser than usual!

Review by runtagua: I use this powder EVERY day and don't know how I ever lived without it! The smell is so wonderful and the ingredients are all very natural. Something I really like about this powder is that it is made of a corn starch base, which is much better for the skin than talc. I don't care for the packaging... it's cute, but it's very hard to use in the drum. I ended up buying an aluminum powder sifter and it works so much better! I think the reason they put it in the drum is because their packaging is always environmentally friendly. I highly recommend this product!

Review by Jennybear: Mmm... I love this powder. Was never a powder person before, but I decided to try it. It has a like sweet smell, similar to the Baby Bee Solid Scent that I love so much, but a little bit lighter and, well, more powdery. It is just divine. Leaves my body feeling silky, and has good absorbing power.

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