what to look for in body lotion?3 recommended body lotion reviews

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what to look for in body lotion?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotion reviews!


Kiss My Face Peaceful Patchouli Moisturizer

Review by dontblink15: OMG SUCH a great earthy patchouli scent!! Just amazingly good, but I guess only for patchouli lovers. It lingers, too! This moisturises very pleasantly, and the tube is convenient and good to use (no mess nozzle). It's not really moisturising enough for dry hands, but fine, that's not really the intention. My first KMF product, and I'm SOLD! I'm SO buying out the entire stock of my local (exclusive, I'm in South Africa) supplier, like, tomorrow!

Review by mz654: Simply beautiful. I love this patchouli scent, it is a bit woody, and after the initial intensity when first applied, it soaks in nicely and is subtle enough that people are not asking what the weird smell is- like you get a lot with a patchouli scents. Highly recommended. I want to swim in this stuff!

Review by misswillow: High quality ingredients in a highly scented moisturizer. If you like patchouli, this is the lotion to get. KMF's patchouli scent is a dry earthy patch scent and I've heard many people wish that it came in a body spray or fragrance oil. In addition to the moisturizer, they also sell a Moisture Soap, a Shower Gel and a Liquid Rock deoderant with this same scent. The scent lasts a long time but isn't too obtrusive (it hides in the background) and the quality of the lotion is great. My skin is really soft today.

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MMU Cosmetics Babe Cakes Body Icing (various scents)

Review by jamelia: Babe cakes is a luxurious body cream. It's thick and creamy, perfect for winter dry skin. A little bit goes a long way and I love how it sinks in and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. It holds scent well and I esp love it in hot cocoa though I have it in several different scents (I love every scent i've gotten from mmu :)
I would definitely buy this again. It's a little on the pricey side for etailer but the packaging is very professional and the scent list is amazing. It's worth the price.

Review by lorraine07: This MMU cream moisturizes really well. It's thick and a bit greasy at first but sinks in and softens the skin. The moisturizing property also lasts. I would definitely repurchase but not the scent I purchased (mango sage tea).

Review by Chloeclover: Got this in sweet milk... a little greasy but it does sink in.. I use it for nighttime moisturizing.. this is in medium and I guees it smells like condensed milk but can't really smell it... medium intensity is too light for my nose!

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Bath and Body Works Refreshing Garden Mint

Review by mworley00: I initally tried the scrub at the store in this scent and LOVED it. Then I bought the foot spray but they discontinued it, so I bought a bottle of it at the big June sale two years ago (I think shortly before they discontinued the scent itself). Soon after I got really sick of it (and i didn't even use it that often!), and I barely used it since then. It smells differently now, and I'm still stuck with a 1/2 full bottle of it.

Review by oneofmylies99: Overall a wonderful light smell. Why do they always discontiue the best stuff but not that nasty Plumeria?? lol... I WOULD buy again IF I could...

Review by franjipany: A overally good product.. sometimes when i smooth it on it feels a bit.. too greasy/sticky (that's why it got a 4) Reasonable priced for a lotion of this qualtiy.. the scent was pleasent, not quite the mint-gum scent i thought but it was relaxing. Works better if you warm the bottle in the tub. Keeps skin smooth for a long time :)

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