what to look for in body lotion?3 popular body lotions

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By Fiora

what to look for in body lotion?Let's see the 3 popular body lotions !


Jason Natural Cosmetics Rosewater and Glycerine Lotion

Review by AokiJ: Love everything about this hand and body lotion and have used it for years. It has a light rose water fragrance that I am addicted to. Contains 70% organic ingredients and no mineral oil or waxes. Also does not cotain the paraben line of preservatives. The lotion is glycerin-based fortified with the B vitamin panthenol, vitamin E and vitamin A and herbal extracts of lavender, rosewater, calendula and chamomile. It absorbs intstantly into the skin without imparting a tacky or waxy feel. My skin feels moisturized and nourished and is incredibly soft. And the price is great. I usually pay around 5 for an 8oz tube of this.. Also available in the Jason rose water fragrance line is a body powder, satin bath gel and hand soap all of which I use.

Review by fuxxy: This lotion makes my skin super soft. It actually works better when skin is damp and keeps my very dry hands soft for hours. I love the scent and I've bought all the other JASON lotions and this is the best one by far. Will definitely buy this product again.

Review by runty: *loved* this lotion. Smells faintly or roses, but not irritatingly so. When it moisturizes your hands, it seems to last forever...you're not reapplying every hour, it's great. Only a tiny bit will do...I've had the same tube for at least 6 months, so worth the price!!

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Caswell-Massey Lilac Body Lotion

Review by vengland: This lotion has a beautiful, light fragrance. It leaves my skin feeling soft but not greasy and best of all, the scent is not overwhelming. Highly recommended if you like lilac fragrances!

Review by Lola_Bear: Mmmmmmmmmm. Moisturizing AND yummy smelling... I put this on at night, 'cause the lilac scent makes me sleepy. :-) Buy again of course, if I can find it... Caswell-Massey stuff is so hard to find in Dallas... :-(

Review by jamelia: A great hand lotion! It has silk proteins in it,and makes my skin feel very soft and supple. Absorbs quickly, and lasts all day - my hands even feel soft after washing my hands (I usually need another squirt of lotion after). The scent is light and sweet - not overwhelming. This is definately a keeper.

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Johnson & Johnson Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Lotion

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is my HG of body lotions. It is affordable, smells great, and also moisturizes without feeling super greasy. Everyone thinks I am crazy when they see me whip out a bottle of this baby lotion, but when they smell the fragrance and feel how smooth it goes on, they become hooked too!

Review by kitten75: This smells so pretty. It isn't a straight vanilla, it is rather floral, but still soft and clean. It has a sweetness that fades to a warm lushness. It moisturizes pretty well, nothing spectacular as far as that goes.

Review by oopsygirl: I adore this lotion and the body wash for their amazinly soft non foody vanilla scent but also this is just like regular baby lotion in formula (which I love). I usually use the lotion for my feet and just shaved arms and legs, its really nice to be able to wash and shave with this in the shower and then apply the lotion. The best part is the smell but I love the way this lotion is so not greasy and yucky.

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