what to look for in body lotion?3 popular body lotions reviews

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what to look for in body lotion?Let's see the 3 popular body lotions reviews!


Revlon Aquamarine Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion

Review by betsyab: I cannot believe finally found a great lotion that is affordable much better than the expensive lotions I have tried thank you Revlon :)

Review by ckgurl714: I'm from Hong Kong, I got a bottle from a drugstore (chain drug store) at about HKD 8 (USD 1) as redemptiom with other products...
Really a excellent lotion, relaxing scent, light texture and moisturizing. I soothes my skin on air-conditioned room yet not overload on humid weather...
Even at it's full selling price about HKD twenty something, I'll buy.

Review by marsqurine: A truly amazing dollar store find! This lotion has a light, clean and soothing scent that is very subtle (i.e. it doesn't interfere with most perfumes). It is lightweight, but still keeps my skin smooth without getting it too oily. I normally have oily skin, but get rough patches in winter. I used this lotion all winter and - not one dry patch! I'll definitely be hopping back to the Dollar Tree for this one.

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Clarins Spray After Sun Shimmer Oil

Review by labelslut: Bought this the other day - fantastic. Smells lovely and just the right amount of subtle sheen. I use Lancome body bronzing oil over the top for a more daring evening look (this adds a little more sparkle). Not greasy at all which was my main concern with an oil based product.

Review by isabellet: Eeeek. I didn't like this much, although I did try very hard to. The "shimmer" was more like glitter and I abhor glitter. The glitter gets absolutely everywhere- all over your clothes and skin; basically, anything you touch turns glittery (not good if you are wearing black). The oil isn't that moisturising and as my house is all polished floorboards with no rugs or other floorcoverings, it turned the house into a virtual banana peel (if you spray yourself with it, of course it's going to get on the floor, and I'm not into draping the floors with towels etc to stop it). There are far better (and cheaper) shimmer alternatives out there that don't involve slipping and sliding all over the place looking like a teenager at a disco.

Review by AokiJ: While yes this is very moisturizing, yet not at all greasy, this has too much of an orange tint for my preference. Now keep in mind I'm a NC15/20 with olive undertones, and sadly a majority of products I attempt to use turn either too yellow or too orange on my skin. So with that said if you're on the other end of the color spectrum or more of a deeper tan than I, then you'll love this. On the right skin tone this would be very pretty.

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Vaseline Creamy Formula

Review by Bethany09: I use for my extremely dry hands, extremely dry feet/heels, to removew my waterproof mascara and even on my baby's diaper rash sometimes. So many uses, so inexpensive, much less goopy than regular Vaseline - what's not to love?? Everytime I use it for the aforementioned reasons, it workx wonders. Absolutely NO complaints whatsoever - HG!

Review by ninanina: This is one of the best hand/body creams I've ever used. It's not as slick or greasy as plain, original Vaseline, but it moisturizes and protects just as well. This is my absolute favorite hand cream during the cooler months, when my hands tend to dry out and become highly succeptible to paper cuts. This cream protects my skin and keeps it soft and supple. It's not in a pretty bottle and it doesn't have a nice, aromatherapeutic scent (in fact it doesn't have any scent!), but it does the job and only costs a couple of bucks. Another plus: one tube lasts a long time, since only a little dab is needed. Works great on heels during sandal season, too!

Review by bekkbekk1985: Excellent for extremely dry and sensitive skin. This cream is thick but it absorbs well and skin stays moisturized all day. Replaced my old hg Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream. Comparable product that is just easier get a hold of. I am so happy this is fragrance free!!!

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