what to look for in body lotion?3 good body lotion

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By Helen

what to look for in body lotion?Let's see the 3 good body lotion !


Earthen Treasures Super Moisturizing Lotion Bar

Review by Jennybear: I tested this in her .50 oz sample and this size is great for the purse. This solid twist up shea lotion mix is perfect for touch ups for pulse points or exta heel moisture in summer with sandles. Can be custom scented from her huge list and at 1 a HUGE bargain! I have it in Mandarin Bamboo and Coconut Lime - both delish!

Review by London84: My first order from ET and I am pleased as can be! This lotion bar is soooooooo smooth and moisturizing! I got it in Warm Vanilla Sugar and the scent is dead-on! Love this type...the push-up lotion as opposed to those that come in a tin (too messy). Barbara is a doll and a very conscientious etailer. Her items are quality and she has found a new customer in me!

Review by bunnyrabbit: Just like a perfume solid! One days when I'm especially dry I rub this all over my body and my skin is nicely moisturized- but NOT sticky! Love em! Especially since they are so cheap...
I've tried this in scents:
pink cotton candy- love this much better in a lotion bar- it's really nice and cotton candyish- but in a different way- like pink sugar!
creamy cotton candy- MY FAVORITE!!! Just like a nice cotton candy scent- very sweet and strawberryish! I love it!
heavenly- not very much like VS but still nice
love spell- just like VS!

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LUSH Vanilla Dee-lite

Review by blueaygi: I LOVE this lotion!!! I bought Dee-Lite on a whim along with Vanillary liquid perfume and I have to say I am super pleased that I did. I am not to keen on other Vanilla scents because they are usually so cloying and disgustingly sweet but not this lotion. It smells of warm Vanilla and some other warm scent that I can't place.
I have received four compliments just in the few days I have been wearing the combo. I will FOR SURE repurchase when this is up!!

Review by OutofControl: very light, non-greasy lotion that sinks in fast and feels refreshing. scent lingers for quite a while --longer than any other lotion i've used. fabulous vanilla-jasmine scent; sophisticated and not too foody. if you have very dry skin though, you'll probably want something more moisturizing.

Review by Alexis: Bearing in mind i put this product down as dirt cheap because i got it free after spending over 20 pounds in LUSH (a little deal they had going on) but seriously, 10 pounds for a lotion that does everything you want it to and more is still awesome.
Definite custard cream smell about it that does linger on the skin. Product is very light so it doesn't make your clothing stick to you and absorbs like a dream.

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Dove Energy glow shimmering lotion with skin brighteners

Review by kit_kat68: I really like to use this product when going out for the sparkle and glam. I dont' think the glitter is overwhelming, if you pay close attention to your skin when the sun is shining on it, you can see the glitter but it awakes my skin.
and everytime i wear this..my friends always tell me i smell good or my husband always asks if i'm wearing perfume. it's worth a try.

Review by redheadjane: I bought this last week and I love it! It moisturizes really well and smells great. It has lots of itty bitty sparkles(mica) in it, which are really subtle yet pretty. I am personally opposed to self tanner so this is a great alternative. I will buy this throughout the summer.

Review by aml1: Love it. LOOOVE the shimmer. LOVE the smell. Love the texture. It's funny though, 'cause my friends call me glittery when we're under the sun. That's not so cool.

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