what to look for in body lotion?3 effective body lotions

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what to look for in body lotion?Let's see the 3 effective body lotions !


Bath and Body Works Sparkling Green Apple Body Cream

Review by stephanie32082: I'm a huge fan- this scent is amazing- the body cream is great stuff, very moisturizing, perfect for hands, knees, etc.
Why, oh why, does BBW keeping discontinuing my favorites??

Review by tetrakis: this was my all time favorite scent... beware of buying it on ebay, i tried to re-live it by buying it online and it was old and sour.... i vote for it everytime bbw has the "vote for a discontinued" but it never comes back :( this was a perfect scent!

Review by peachy905: To my nose this smells *exactly* like a Granny Smith apple. It's the perfect scent for the fall and winter and it keeps my skin smooth and soft all day long. Whenever I wear the lotion I layer it with the body splash. Sadly, this has been discontinued. Another one bites the dust at BBW! LOL! :o )

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Simplyscents Yuzu

Review by shopgirl087: This is basically an amazing scent. I never really thought I'd like zingy citrusy scents, but now I find they're not that bad after all.. in fact, pretty nice! Yuzu smells of grapefruit and is citrusy, but not so citrusy that you'd wrinkle up your nose or anything. I have it in the lotion form and it holds the scent really well. The only thing I find about the lotion is that it's not as moisturizing as I"d like it to be, so I don't use it during the winter months.

Review by mashafromrussia: I'm in love with this scent. I never thought I'd like cirtus scents on my body, all though I do love the smell of grapefruits. I'm very pleased,
The quality of the lotion is great. Very affordable, very moisturizing. It feels moisturizing all day long. Mary's customer service is great, and I am a huge fan.

Review by Loriwong: I got Yuzu lotion right before SimplyScents closed it's business.
I love the smell of this lotion. Citrusy fresh and really moisture my skin. I'm on the quest looking for replacement to this :(

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Sephora Coconut Cream Body Butter

Review by lipstik: The smell is okay I do lovvve coconut anything , but the does fade down to a play dough scent IMO. Does Moisturize ,but gets sticky on my hands so I use it sparingly or just on my body.

Review by vengland: I recevied this as a sample from Sephora, and I love this lotion, makes my skin soft and dupple, not to mention smell like coconut butter...like heaven. I'll be buying this lotion.

Review by almighty_curv: I laugh now when I think of this product. I picked this up around last winter and it was my first experience w/ a body butter and thought my dry legs would lap this right up. After my shower, I rubbed this butter in my arms and legs. I let it try to sink in while I did my hair and mu. After 15 minutes, it still sat on top of my skin like I really just smeared on a couple of sticks of Land-O-Lakes butta! So, I waited another 10 minutes, still no luck. Now, I was running late for work and just threw on my clothes and left. I explained to my boss (who's a man and has no concept of body butter) about the situation. LOL, he was like what, you put butter on yourself? Anyway, at the end of the day, it was STILL sitting on my skin all sticky and the smell of coconuts was so overpowering it made me go coconuts!

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