what to look for in body gel?3 best body gel reviews

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what to look for in body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gel reviews!


Philosophy Red Licorice 3 in 1

Review by blyss: I received a few large samples of this from the Philosophy counter in Nordstrom this holiday season. I thought I would love it since I love red licorice (the flavor). I cannot stand the way this smells. It almost smells like, uh, how can I put this delicately? Upchuck. But sweet. I have never smelled a Philosophy 3 in 1 that I just could not stand at all until this one. I used it twice thinking maybe the first time was an "off day" and again, I couldn't stand it. Bummer.

Review by bklyncowgirl: loved the scent and the feel of this gel bodywash/shampoo. I too am surprised by the reactions to the scent. To me it smells like Twizzlers.

Review by Capprii: I originally gave this poor reviews because I was weary of the scent right from the bottle....it smelled like something NOT licorice. I changed my mind after using it in the shower. This is a dead-on match for Twizzlers Strawberry licorice - awesome!

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Caress Evenly Gorgeous

Review by kimmie578: I bought this at KMart a few weeks ago and have used it religiously for about 3 weeks. It is my new HG body wash. I had some rough patches on my body and after using this, my skin is soft and smooth all over. I love it! No other shower gel has done this much for me. I love the scent - kinda like creme brulee...brown sugar and vanilla, and it does linger a little bit. I also hope that Caress comes out with a matching lotion. I will be purchasing this again and again.

Review by lipstik: This is, by far, the best body wash I ever tried. True to its name, this great smelling wash improved my skin. It smells great and cleans without leaving any filmy residue, nice packaging, and really good price. I started using the bar soap at first, but the body wash was better to the last drop! I'm on my second bottle now and getting my third soon. Makes a great hand wash, too! This will be great if they come up with a body lotion and fragrance with the same scent. My HG body wash from now on! I just hope they don't discontinue this product.

Review by blacklittlepig: I Love this body wash because it makes my skin feel like silk. I mostly use this in the spring/summer because my skin needs more moisture in the colder months. I love the smell of this because it reminds me of summer and would definitly suggest this to someone that is looking for a body wash that makes them super clean. I love how it lathers and the bottle lasts forever. My husband loves this just as much as I do because he says it makes him feel cleaner than his normal bodywash. I will always repurchase this.

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Caress Daily Silkening bar

Review by KateN: Okay, my mom gave me a Caress bar that was peach scented and it really didn't have a strong scent at all. Not when compared to Dove, anyway! It was kind of soft, but it smelled too much like a soap you'd find in a motel. Too soapy like. However, I didn't care too much for the bar itself as it wasn't very moisturizing(like Dove!)at all. Not bad for a soap if you have normal or oily skin. But I have very dry and sensitive skin. Just didn't work for me. Oh, and like Dove bars, this too "melted" a bit quicker than other soaps that I've used.

Review by Alexis: I only use Caress or Dove soap because my skin is super sensitive. Caress lathers up really well in the shower and it has a lasting scent. It keeps my skin feeling really soft and locks in the moisture. I love tihs soap and this is a soap I will continue to use because of the quality and the results I get.

Review by ninanina: I really love this soap! I sometimes try other brands, but I always come back to the original Caress bar. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. And I love the smell... what a nice, fresh scent! I've been using this daily for years. I hope they never discontinue this.

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