what to look for in blush?3 easy to use blush compare

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By Fiora

what to look for in blush?Let's see the 3 easy to use blush compare!


Too Faced Sugar Plum Candy Bar

Review by taurusgurl5984: I used this as e/s using each separately, usually the light pink all over, the medium plum on the lid, and the lightest shade as a highlighter. SO pretty, since I'm always mixing my brown and purple/pink shadows. Lasted a really long time. I didn't care for it as a blush, except with a pink shimmer over it.

Review by meeshmu: Love it! What more can I say.

Review by Lola_Bear: I'm loving this, I had my eye on this every since I purchased Brown Sugar. Fabulous quality and they last all day on me. I do recommend using just a little for eyeshadow. Very pretty wintry type pinks. A gorgeous blush though.

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Becca Creme Blush - Terracotta

Review by Sybil84: This shade was too tawny and brown for my PPP-LLL complexion. I also find that Becca's Creme Blushes don't tend to wear very well, and can make my skin turn a little too dewy, borderline greasy. And I also had the problem of struggling with the plastic separating sheet, and accidentally messing up the product. Sigh.

Review by IMAproductwhore: My 2nd Becca cream blush. Possibly even more natural looking on me than Turkish rose which is also natural looking and beautiful. Blends so well into my skin like a natural glow. I love this line of makeup!

Review by joheinous: Love Becca cream blushes. Great texture and they look so natural and blend flawlessly into my skin. Enhances and gives a natural glow/beauty without lookng like you are wearing blush. It looks darker in the pan than on. When applied it it a neutral warm sunkissed glow or my fair skin with freckles. I wear Becca Sand LSC for skin color reference. I have Byzantine too which is a lighter, more peach verion of this but also very natural on. If you fine this color too dark try Byzantine. I love both and can't wait to get more. I don't mind the small size as I like cream products to get used up fast but this has plenty in it. I pat my fingers in the pan and then pat it on to my cheeks. Works like a charm.

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MAC Format

Review by belle2216: My everyday fresh faced but not overdone blush. Adds shimmer that gently twinkles in the sunset (no exaggeration). It works well for my NW40-45. I love to dab some on my lips after I put on a clear gloss (I used Lorac's lip polish). Try it. A definite staple.

Review by dastac: I dont like this colour im a nw20 and i think its too orangey red for me

Review by Suzy_h: This blush is a very dark brown with red undertones. I would say that it would be hard for about 75% of women to wear, but on the other 25% it would be absolutely lovely. I apply with a light touch. It gives an effect that I like to refer to as "facial liposuction." I thoroughly like this blush, however I'm sort of a beach bunny...

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