what to look for in blush?3 best blushs reviews

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what to look for in blush?Let's see the 3 best blushs reviews!


Merle Norman Luxiva Lasting Cheek color in Mauve Magic

Review by Bonnie2842: One of my favorite blushes, gives me a lovely glow.
So before I wrote just a really small review (obviously) but decided to come back and write a bit more. Words can't really describe just how much I love this blush. I've had this for about 2 years or so and use almost everyday. I think this blush was made for my skintone. It's almost like a dirty pinky mauve color. I especially love this with darker hair. It's long lasting, and takes forever just to hit pan alone, which is surprising from the looks of it in the pan. It's more of a matte blush, but I feel like it gives a sheen glowy effect. This product is love! HG.

Review by dxgirly: I can't believe this blush hasn't been reviewed since '05, or that *I* haven't reviewed it yet, lol! Anyway, I picked this blush up recently and I am madly in love with it; it is a beautiful light rosy pink that perks up my super-pale complexion and makes me look healthy. I've discovered that I can no longer wear brown/peachy-toned makeup colors anymore (makes me looked washed out and dead looking). Just in the past year, my skin has been going through a 'change'-almost like menopause or something, and I've been forced to change my makeup in terms of color palettes, foundations, powders, skincare-still using Merle products (which in my opinion are the BEST out there) . But anyway, I started wearing more cool-toned makeup colors (blush, lipstick) and what a HUGE difference. So, if you are looking to re-vamp your makeup look, I highly recommend this blush!

Review by kitten75: I love the formulation of this blush. The blush goes on nice and has some staying power However I dont love the color So I would purchase the brand of blush but in a different color Its too plummy on me The blush keeps forever Very good quality for the money

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Chanel Rose Tourbillon

Review by maribebe: One of the more pigmented blushes to come from Chanel, and as someone tan who usually has to build them up I'm thankful for it. Rose Tourbillon is a beautiful pink that looks quite cool in the pan but on application can shift depending on your undertones. On my golden tan skin it pulls warm, and thus doesn't look obvious like many pinks can look on tan skin. NC44 / Nars Tahoe / Chanel Perfection Lumiere BA34 for reference.

Review by Sybil84: It's a nice cute bright baby pink blush with lots of pink micro shimmer. Be warned, people are making this blush out to be very pigmented, when it's very sheer. It's very sheer and needs alot of layering to show pink on skin. It's bright pink in the pan but very sheer on the skin. It's still at NM if you want to get it. But if I'm going to pay all that money, I would want something that has better pigmentation.

Review by Lola_Bear: Rose Tourbillon is a lovely watermelon or raspberry magenta pink. I would say it leans slightly cool, if anything; the base pink itself is warmer, but it is tempered by the cool-toned shimmer particles.

Compared to other JCs, it is probably most similar to Turbulent, but Turbulent is cooler. Rose Tourbillon is very pretty pigmented, so just a light touch with the brush will suffice (I actually prefer to use a stippling brush with this one). While it looks dauntingly glittery at first glance, the sparkle is not noticeable on the skin. If you love JCs, I definitely recommend Rose Tourbillon :)

For reference: NW5-10; NARS Siberia.

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NARS Portofino Multiple

Review by tippygirl: It is an "OK-ish" product. Very sheer and natural ... but it disappears very quickly and all I am left with is a sort of glittery effect on my cheecks. I really like the colour (perfect for my pale skin), but the staying power is really not remarkable. I bought it for the summer and it literally "melted" on my face if the weather was "hot" (where I live temperatures are rarely above 25C in summer). The use of a translucent powder did not make much difference. Too dry for my lips and unsuitable as an eye shadow. Would not re-purchase.

Review by fitnessa: I have 4 of the Multiples, and I reach for this one by far the most frequently. I use it on my cheeks and lips, but can't use it on my eyes since it makes them look rabbity. The consistency is creamy and easily blendable but dries to a nice powdery finish. This color works wonderfully with my light, neutral skin and really perks up my face. This is what I *wanted* Orgasm blush to look like on me. Expensive, but considering how much product you get (and these don't go bad quickly...I've had a couple of them for literally years) I can overlook the price.

Review by AokiJ: At last I found the perfect Multiple for me! I'd really given up on this product because all the colors I and the SAs thought would work for me - South Beach, Mustique - looked like greasy shimmer on me and nothing more. Palm Beach makes a nice bronzer but this, Portofino, is the first Multiple to really work the miracles on me this product is famous for. A gorgeous golden-pink - yes, just like Orgasm - it is excellent for providing a luminous, child-like flush on its own; but it also brings out the pink in Orgasm and helps it last so much longer. If you find Orgasm to be very iffy - somedays it shows up, other days it's just shimmer - layer it over Portofino. You'll look like an angel. NC30-35.

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