what to look for in beauty tools?3 effective beauty tools

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By Tifanny

what to look for in beauty tools?Let's see the 3 effective beauty tools !


Shu Uemura Slant Tweezers

Review by nechama22: I bought these since I already have a collection of shu brushes. It is very pricey and it does a pretty good job of plucking hairs. I like that the end points aren't sharp so it doesn't hurt if I accidentally poke myself. Overall I wouldn't buy these again because I could get the same performance from a cheaper brand like tweezerman.

Review by ckgurl714: This tweezers costs HK225 (US25). Yes, as expensive a bottle of foundation or several eye shadow. I read many reviews and recommendations about it and it took me a very long time to consider purchasing it.
It is very expensive and its price seems ridiculous. However, it worths. I can tweezer every tiny unwanted tiny hair and it does the job so well, without making my skin turns red.
Sometimes, the tweezers cannot take away the tiny hair unless you do it in a hard way. But with this tweezers, you dun have to do so and it just takes you a second.
a great tool!
I love it!

Review by shimmering: These are expensive tweezers, but they are high quality - stainless steel, good design, easy to hold and easy to use. I'm not a very experienced eyebrow plucker, but these tweezers made the job really, really easy!! No tugging or hairs getting cut in the middle - just a clean "pluck"! Since it's not something you need to buy again, I consider the price okay for the quality of the product. The plastic tube container it comes in is kind of flimsy, but I guess it's better than nothing. Definitely would recommend!!

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Everyday Minerals Flocked Sponge

Review by Dimitra: I LOVE THIS SPONGE!!! It's good for so many things and it last a long time. I've had mine for 4 months now and I wash it constantly. I use baby shampoo. I just purchased another one just to have in case they discontinue it. I won't need it for a while but just in case! ;0)

Review by vengland: flawless finish, better coverage, and the perfect blending tool. I use EDM foundation, and I blend my blush, finishing powder, foundation as a last step with this sponge.
it's WAY inexpensive too!

Review by KateN: This thing is a miracle for applying MMU. It manages to give full coverage but with a flawless application. When I first opened the box it looked like an oblong makeup compact pad... a boring oblong compact make up pad. Touched it and it was soft, nothing special. Still skeptical right up until the very dip and smooth over the dark spots on my face, which vanished. I am in love with this. However since I just got this I do not know how long lasting the sponge is. It could turn out to be a great product or a money sucking tool, (that costs three dollars per piece). Will update.

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Laura Mercier Velour Puff

Review by cperry: This puff is really soft and fluffy. It feels really good on the skin. When you use it with loose powder it gives more of any airbrushed flawless finish. My only complaint is that when I clean it by hand not all the color comes off, so I ended up putting it in the washing machine and it came out fine! Also would like to use it with Guerlain finishing balls, but its really difficult.

Review by bklyncowgirl: When I saw Laura Mercier herself on QVC saying that using a velour puff to apply loose powder was better than a brush, I immediately thought she was crazy. Then after realizing that sometimes the loose powder I applied on my face would just sit on top of my skin, I decided to purchase this to see the big difference Laura Mercier was talking about. Let me just say a billion times that she was absolutely right! Wow what a difference. This puff helps you to actually dab and push the loose powder onto your skin so it blends in so nicely to where it's not noticeable at all. My face looks so natural now and I'm never insecure about powder being visible on my face. If you use loose powder you definitely have to use this instead of a powder brush, and be sure to buy Laura Mercier's because the quality of her puff is outstanding and feels luxurious.

Review by kitten75: This has the softest velvety texture and is so gentle on the skin. I use this to apply my MUFE HD powder, and it feels nicer to use and also gives a better finish than if I use my Kabuki brush.

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