what to look for in bath treatment?3 good bath treatment

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By Elena

what to look for in bath treatment?Let's see the 3 good bath treatment !


The Body Shop Bajik Spa Tropical Flower Bath

Review by beckibabe: GOD I LOVE THIS. I've been to Bali over a dozen of times and this scent really reminds me of it. It's a nice creamy bath but the smell is awesome. It's sort of a light jasmine flower scent. I totally recommend this!

Review by bossanovaville: What a wonderful product! It is one of my favorite bath products and has a wonderful scent. I bought it in a trial size and I will definetely buy it in the bigger size once the trial runs out.

Review by aml1: Yum... Yum... Yummy. Bajik Spa Tropical Flower Bath smells wonderful. Using it, I felt like I was on a South Pacific Island, surrounded by lush tropical flowers. Truly a wonderful addition to my stress-relieving bath ritual! Sadly, I believe this line has been discontinued. Loved it while it lasted... Hope they bring it back one day.

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Aveda Soothing Aqua Therapy

Review by kitkat85: I've tried all types of high quality bath products. This is my all-time favorite. The smell is fantastic; intoxicatingly herbal but not too overpowering. It feels therepeutic when you soak in it and it leaves your skin soft (no need to moisurize afterwards unless you have REALLY dry skin) but NOT greasy. You smell lightly of the scent when you get out. It is lovely, and I'm really sensitive to smells. Worth every penny. I love Aveda products but some are better than others, and this is certainly one that I keep going back to, and always will. TOP NOTCH!

Review by shopgirl087: This is truly one of only two Aveda products that I like. In general, I dislike this brand - all this hype, but IMHO, everything smells good but are only mediocre in quality. HOWEVER, this is my very favorite bath soak. The fragrance is divine, the salts dissolve nicely, and I feel so wonderful afterwards. I am NOT one to soak in the tub, but when I do, this is the product I want. This product is somewhat lacking, though, because the scent does not linger on my skin and the salts are not particularly skin-softening. It's just the aroma that is so great. My husband, mom-in-law and sister-in-law are also addicted to this, despite the hefty price tag and lacklustre performance. (So it makes a very nice gift for bath-lovers, if you are willing to spend about 40 Can.)

Review by shelby1123: I recieved the bath salts as a gift, and of course I love all of Aveda products because of the smells and overall quality. I usually take more showers than baths, so I mixed some of my massage oil with a handful of the salts, and used it as a body scrub. Super nice and smooth. I think I'll mix some olive oil in it next time. Also, you smell nice and Aveda"y" afterward.

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LUSH Melting Marshmallow Moment

Review by minnielouse: This is one of my favorite products for the bath. Its so sensual. It looks like a bath bomb but it's a bath melt. I was in the tub for an hour. No bath bomb/bar from lush has done that to me. It was rich with some type of oil becuase when I got out my skin didn't feel the same. It had a layer of soft mush in a good way covering it, Must go back and repurchase

Review by misswillow: MMM smells yummy. Like floating island, very pretty but not entirely moisturizing. I like to use this in adding fun foam to the tub.. but that doesn't last too long.

Review by Jennybear: While visitng the georgetown Lush (across the street from MAC and Sephora) I decided to try the Melting Marshmellow Moment. At around 7.95, I had high hopes. It looks like a pink cupcake, and my skin smells sweet, like candy. It melts, sort of like a bath bomb. That's it. I gave up getting a MAC lip gelee for this? Save your money, get 2 butterball bath bombs. Those actually work.

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