what is the best shampoo?3 best-selling shampoos

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By Elena

what is the best shampoo?Let's see the 3 best-selling shampoos !


Nature's Gate Herbal Hair Shampoo

Review by Cygentte3: I love the smell of this shampoo and I love the way it makes my hair look. What I don't love is the seriously itchy rash it causes all over my head and neck. I've never had this reaction to any other shampoo, so it must be an ingredient unique to this product.

Review by Sybil84: I wanted to like this shampoo since all of my local natural food stores carry this in the bulk section and I can refill my bottle easily but for some reason my scalp gets dirty really fast with this shampoo. It lathers and rinses nicely but by the afternoon my scalp feels itchy and gunky. Not for me.

Review by tambien: I am on my second bottle of this and I still love it. The herbal conditioner is great for my fine, straight hair. I always have more than one shampoo in my shower; this one will always be in the rotation.

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Suave Professionals Captivating Curls

Review by Farra: I have naturally curly hair. I saw this shampoo on sale at Target and figured I'd give it a try. It cleans will but it does not define my curls, it doesn't make them bouncy or shiny. My hair becomes flat every time I use this. I don't recommend it and I will not be buying again.

Review by Carrie: I saw this at Target priced at 1.48. So, I thought, I had nothing to lose. First things first, this shampoo has a thick consistency, so no need to use a lot. It cleans my curly hair well, and moisturizes it too. I'm really liking this product so far ;) For under 2, this product is amazing!

Review by cperry: I have naturally, kind of wavy hair but usually wear in a straight style but bought this on a whim because it was so cheap and I thought maybe on days I don't want to use the flat iron, it would be ok. I honestly didn't think shampoos were all that different and had the ability to make a difference in straight or curly styles so I was pretty surpirsed at how much body and wave this gave me. I really had to struggle to flat iron my hair after using it. Another time, I blow dried my hair straight at night and went to bed (may have been a tad bit damp in some parts) and woke up with big wavy hair. My DD who has much naturally straight hair than me used it last night and I noticed her hair was in waves this morning. Don't know if I'll buy again because like I said, I prefer my hair straight but this definitley lived up to its claim...and for under 2!

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Korres Rice Proteins and Oligoelements Toning Shampoo For Fine and Fragile Hair

Review by ckgurl714: The shampoo has a nice subtle scent to it and also lathers well. The bottle says that this is for fragile hair and i was hoping that my hair would feel in better condition after use, however it just felt extremely brittle and even dryer than before. I normally adore all things Korres and find them to be good quality but the shampoo and conditioners really do seem to let the range down, i will not be repurchasing this.

Review by gogoamy: This shampoo has done wonders for my fine, flat and dry hair. I carefully follow the package directions and my hair is full, bouncy and not staticy -- especially if I use with Bumble and buble leave in conditioner. The only problem is the bottle -- the top broke off immediately and it is hard to control how much shampoo comes out -- however the product is too great not to buy again -- I will defintely stick with this product.

Review by quantumkitten: I got a large sample of this shampoo at Sephora and I absolutely love it. It cleans my thin baby fine hair without stripping it or weighing it down, and it smells amazing. I've used it about 4 days in a row and I am really impressed. I should mention that my place has hard water and my previously HG ARTec Kiwi started to dry up my hair once I moved, so this is a great great find. It is expensive though, but I only wash the roots so it should last me for a while. I've used this shampoo for over a year now and my hair is noticeably thicker. It is very expensive as I need a new bottle every 3 months at 17/pop and my local Sephora no longer sells them so I have to order online. It's still worth it.

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