what is the best palette?3 effective palette reviews

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By Monica

what is the best palette?Let's see the 3 effective palette reviews!


Sonia Kashuk Face Palette in Colors

Review by minnielouse: This is a very nice little palette for the price. The colors are fairly subtle, but they are definitely for cool-toned ladies.
You get two concealers (one light, one medium); a powder (fairly light, but not for PPPs); a blush (a muted rose); three eyeshadows (very pale creamy pink, lavender and deeper purple); and three lipglosses (muted pink, purply pink and deep blackberry).
I personally would rather have more shadows and another blush than the concealers and powder, as I am very pale and none of them worked for me. The shadows are all very nice; I would, however, have preferred more variety. I also am not nuts about the lipglosses; I found I can really only wear one of them.

Review by kitten75: This is my first experience with Sonia Kashuk and I am very happy with this pallette!! The lipsticks are beautiful and coordinate very well with the nice eyeshadows. I did not have any trouble with the pigment as mentioned in the other reviews. The combination of the powder and concealer work really well. The packaging with the large mirror is excellent. I only wish they listed which colors were included so that I could buy the lipsticks once my pallette runs out!!

Review by tambien: Loved the huge mirrored compact, but this product just didn't work for me. The colors themselves were so pretty, but the eye colors didn't show up enough. The blush was nice but not THAT nice. The concealers were rather heavy and neither were really the right color for me. The lip colors were okay, though quite sheer. I didn't feel it was worth the 18 I spent on it, so I returned it. I'd rather use separate products that truly work for me rather than have the convenience of a palette.

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Stila Pro Artist Palette

Review by kerroppifreak: I really am enjoying this palette!
Its so convenient and Stila has great quality shadows.
Very smooth, easily applied and blended. It's been my go to since it was given to me as a birthday gift about a week ago. One thing I must point out is it is very shimmery and there tends to be fall out all over my face, but that may just be my technique that needs improvement.

Review by glossgal_01: I found this product to be a bit of a letdown, from the colors and packaging side. First, I agree it is a great deal and that is what attracted me to it. The six shades are good standbys, but have noticeable shimmer. For some reason, the colors Prize and Sparkle swatched EXACTLY the same on me, and Grand looked ashy. Kitten is great and I already own the round pan of that. The two vibrant colors (Lucky, a shimmery teal, and Moxie, a medium purple) swatched bright but didn't have a lot of staying power even with UDPP. Oy, and the packaging. Don't let the cute cover fool you. The "case" is actually a paper case over a stryfoam like rectangle. In order to close the case, the paper flap has to be bent a little to fit into the black flap. It is just so flimsy and I fear the shadows might be exposed.

Review by Bonnie2842: I really regret purchasing this product. It is true that the colors are very pigmented, but some of the neutral shades are TOO similiar its a waste of a color. This was my first Stila product to purchase, and now I prefer their new on the go 10 palettes. They are a much better deal.
The BIGGEST problem I have with this product is the packaging. It is AWFUL. I like the fact that Stila is 'Earth Friendly', but they could have made the packaging a little more sturdier. You have to actually BEND the flap to close it. I couldn't imagine how much wear and tear it would have if someone was to use this on an everyday basis. It would probably start to look like crap after a month's use. Come on Stila!

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100 Percent Pure Pretty Naked Neutral Face Palette

Review by shelby1123: This palette is perfect for me! The blush gives me a natural, rosy glow, and the eyeshadows are very natural and light.

Review by dlbd2k06: i really like this palette, the colours are great for everyday wear, very natural colours. though there is one lip colour that's a bit bright compared to the general colour scheme. and the palette is super convenient to just pop in your purse for when you need a touch up.

Review by spitfireseven: I really like this palette! I only wear very subtle, natural make-up, so this is perfect for me. The mascara has turned out to be my HG; it makes my pathetically-short lashes beautiful and long. I love the lip cremes, which have more of a matte finish and excellent staying power. The blush is highly pigmented, so a tiny bit goes a long way. eyeshadows are very subtle, but nice and silky. The only issue I've had so far is that there seems to be a slight leak on the seal around one of my lip creams; oil has spread out onto the palette (it is a glossy, durable cardboard), making a dark circle around the lip color, and drying it out a little (I can still use it just fine though). I will be purchasing other products by 100% Pure. I think I just got a defective one, and I love the palette so much that I refuse to remove a lippie.

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