what is the best palette?3 best-selling palette

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By Sara

what is the best palette?Let's see the 3 best-selling palette !


Sephora Midnight Face Palette

Review by Lola_Bear: My god. I cannot believe i was suckered into this horrible palette. The eyeshadows are small. All the colors are very "sheer" (NOT PIGMENTED) it goes on my face like granulated dirt. It is not pretty. The shimmer is not very fine, so it just looks dirty on my face. I do not recommend it, or any sephora brand makeup, and i am returning this tomorrow.
two thumbs down.

Review by JettNY: I love this palette. I'm an NC30, and have found that all the colors work well for me. The pigment intensity is perfect as I prefer a more subtle look. But having said that, the darkest purple shade and the charcoal e/s are very pigmented and work wonderfully as eyeliners. The blush is nothing fantastic, but it does the job in giving a natural flush. The highlighter is pretty worthless, but that's not why I bought the palette. I highly recommend it for someone who wants purple/plum e/s tones, but ones that aren't too cool. Great for travel, but I imagine the compact will show wear and tear with just a few trips.

Review by Capprii: This palette is fabulous! The 36 price tag is great for 4 shadows, 2 convertible shadows, 1 highlighter, and 1 blush in lovely fall purples. Highly pigmented and easy to blend colors are beautiful. This looks wonderful, not overdone on my pale skin. The compact it great too with a large mirror and sleek black rubberized coating. A great alternative to 70+ palettes without sacrificing quality or great color! LOVE IT!

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mark The Story Book- In Love We Trust

Review by Angeline: Adorable palette. Comes with 2 I-Mark eyeshadows (Chick, a light yellow, and Tough Luxe, a coppery bronze), a Good Glowing blush (Love Glo, an apricot-bright pink) and 2 lip glosses (in Passionista, a bright pink, and Slickster, a shimmery brown). I guess when you run out of eyeshadow and blush, you can pop in some more I-Mark and Good Glowing shades. Great spring colors, the only problem is that there are no brushes for them. Great product anyway.

Review by bekkbekk1985: ADORABLE! The eyeshadow colors are quite nice, on the sheer side...so they are *very* wearable. A pale buttery shimmer and a glittery pinkish bronzy brown. Glitter is a bit messy, but nothing a baby wipe can't fix. They apply well, and last quite nicely. The blush is a cheerful peachy pink, and the glosses give *just* a hint of color. Would be a great palette for a young teen IMO.

Review by blyss: I got this as a demo, and at first I thought I wouldn't like it because the colours look very warm. I'm a cool-toned pale olive who almost ALWAYS wears pink shades. But man is this beautiful! It really gives a nice natural glow and it doesn't look peachy at all. The luxe eyeshadow has "gold" flecks in it. The lip glosses are pretty useless colour-wise, because they are so sheer, but they definitely give a MLBB sheen. Only downside is that the palette itself doesn't snap closed, so I probably won't reuse it. However, the colours are so pretty and subtle that I've been wearing them everyday- they kinda go with everything.

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Trish McEvoy Little Black Card-Glamorously sexy

Review by runty: I am a PPP with brown hair and brown eyes. I've been reaching for this palette every day for the past month, especially the eye colors which allow me to do my eyes in about 2 minutes or less. The Natural Eyeshadow is a great all over color that works as a great base for other colors even when applied directly to my lid with no foundation/eyeshadow base. The ivy definer is a really beautiful liner that lasts all day on me and brings out the green in my eyes. The eye look is natural but really pretty and makes my eyes pop. I haven't really used the lip colors that much, not because I don't like them, but because I have other MLBB lipsticks that I use every day. The bronzer/blush are beautiful as well. I love the small packaging which is perfect for travel. Overall this palette is a winner.

Review by dxgirly: I think that this is my favorite of the Trish pallettes and I have all of them. The Ivy definer is incredible with brown eyes. I actally use the bronzer as a crease color. My only warning is that the linen and tangerine glow are not the same as the full size product..looks like perhaps Trish is tweaking some of her colors..again!

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