what is the best nails?3 best nails

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By Fiora

what is the best nails?Let's see the 3 best nails !


Essie Lapis Of Luxury

Review by OutofControl: From Essie Resort 2010 Collection.
Quite a unique color in soft blue creme, very "resort" indeed.
I'm surprised to see many comment that they only need two coats for complete coverage. I find it to be still a bit streaky and not 100% opaque after 2 layers. However I do love the color, and like my other Essie experience, I find that it does last quite well

Review by Farra: was in love with this color the first day i got it, and now i'm not crazy about it-probably because it's fall and this is such a summer color. anyway, the application was great-total coverage with 2 coats, and not streaky at all. and ppl do compliment it.
so, i wouldn't repurchase because i don't like it anymore (and apparently it's LE?), but it does look nice on my fair, cool-toned skin, and the formula seemed good. if you're looking for a good cornflower/periwinkle blue, try this one.

Review by pretty_please: Almost swapped this one since i tend to be fairly particular on what shades I'll brave on tips, and this was for me, definitely not something i would feel comfortable wearing on my nails. Then ... a lightbulb went off and I tried this on toes and was S-O-L-D. This is a fantastic summer pedi shade when you want something brighter/unconventional that isn't gaudy or SO far out there. It's a light to medium soft blue creme with almost a slight periwinkle undertone. Application is smooth, pigmentation is fabulous, and it looks fantastic topped with a few rhinestones for bling or a pretty silver glitter topcoat. SO happy I decided to hang onto this. Definitely surprisingly unique in my massive stash. Another winner from Essie!

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Unlisted Brand Kiss - Active Oval full-cover nails

Review by jenss79: When I think of drugstore glue on nails I think cheap and well ghetto! After buying kiss everlasting French in short and petite my mind is changed! I've had my nails on for 3 days so far and still haven't had one come off and they really do look great! The glue that comes with the nails is a gel which I love and the nails take less than 10 minutes to apply! Although I wouldn't keep these nails on for over a week or so but they are so cheap you can afford to put new ones on more often and they aren't ruining your nails like salon acrylics!

Review by julie9536: this a great brand i found at Walgreens! it goes on beautifully! no runs or goops, it is very easy to apply. I love the Tangerine color. it's a beautiful orangish-red.

Review by staci01: So my co-worker had these on and I asked her where she got her nails done and she laughed at me. She told me her secret and I'm hooked. They are easy to apply as last a week (which for me manicures didn't last that long). I like that you can buy the petite size and they look so nice. I will definitely repurchase.

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Ulta Peach Parfait

Review by fitnessa: Well, I really like the color - it's a nice peachy coral without being too orange or too pink. It's similar to the color of Ulta's bags!
However, the brush gave me some major issues. It was still a little streaky after four coats. I don't think the formula was to blame - the brush was very firm and didn't fan out for easy application.
Still, the color is super cute and great for summer. It reminds me of peach ice cream!

Review by mriaow: I adore the color, it's very summery and flattering on me.
I bought this maybe a year or two ago, and I still love it.
You can wear it alone, but with a clear coat over it, it looks absolutely stunning and polished.
As usual with all Ulta polishes, Iike the cute cube packaging, but I don't like the brush all too much.
I think the brush could stand to be a little wider to make the application process easier.
I still love the product and will most deffinitely buy it again.

Review by bossanovaville: This is such a pretty peachy coraly pink color! It looks really flattering on my skin. And it is a great color for all year round! I like to apply 1-2 coats for the look I like to achieve.
Lasts about a week with cheap top coat. This nail polish cheap and looks great! One of my top favorite colors. :)

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