what is the best nail polish?3 top nail polishs

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By Monica

what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 top nail polishs !


Chanel Particuliere

Review by blyss: Im so in love with this color. The application is like other Chanel polishes, great and longlasting.
Would I buy this product again? I would.

Review by marsqurine: I LOVE THIS COLOR. I'm addicted to it. I've worn it every day for the last month and I'm still not tired of it. I've gotten so many compliments on the color as well. Chanel nail polish is always great too, it takes a beating and doesn't chip easily. I seriously plan to go buy 2 more bottles just in case it turns out to be a limited edition color.

Review by ninanina: After seeing this colour in a magazine I had an immediate desire to try it - of course it was sold out but I managed to get some through on a cosmetics website. It's a little darker on my nails than I expected and you definitely need two coats. I've had it on for almost a week and it's starting to chip a little at the tips, but overall I'm impressed with the finish still.
The colour is almost like a faded out mocha/coffee but with a lilac tone in some lights. I usually wear black or red but this colour is my new fav.

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China Glaze Moonlight

Review by staci01: I didn't know this was a sheer when I bought it. I wanted an opaque white. That said, I will probably get some use out of this, but it's not what I wanted at this very moment. I have OPI Bubble Bath, which I prefer as a sheer as it's not so stark white.

Review by nechama22: I am on the hunt for the perfect sheer white nail polish, and CG Moonlight would've been it if the formula had been better. The color is a beautiful, milky bluish white that almost glows (hence the name). But application was difficult - very streaky so that I needed at least two coats to get an even color. The formula was very slow to dry, bubbled and eventually cracked on a couple of nails, all within a few hours. I finally gave up and swapped it away. I have had a similar issue with another CG polish I own but it doesn't seem to be as bad. I'm not sure if all CG polishes are this way or just the creme ones, but it is very frustrating. Esp. because the colors are amazing and the finish is beautiful when it finally dries.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I'm glad I bought this! It doesn't streak and the coverage is buildable. Can be used for a mani, alone, over (to soften colors) or under (as a base) other colors.
I applied this over a girly pink polish I had on and it turned into an almost white w just barely there pink undertones. Looks fab on my brown skin. I applied about 4 coats and it took a bit longer than average to dry. Was worth it tho. Got it for 2.50 clearance at sallys.
Now that I've used OPI pro wide brush, all other brushes suck!!!!

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OPI Fee Fi Fo Plum

Review by IMAproductwhore: Oooh la la! I love this color! It's lighter than it looks in the bottle, like a dark berry. Very shimmery, I know because I have it drying on my nails right now! You just can't beat OPI for nail polish! =) Cost=7.00 though, but I collect OPI, so I don't mind the cost!

Review by Dimitra: I LOVED this color. I had it put on this past summer 2007 at a nail salon, and went back later to buy a bottle. I purchased one and went home to do it myself. This time however, it was very thick and gloppy, like the polish was old. I went to another salon to try and buy it or have them apply it, and I was told that this color was discontinued awhile ago. I was ticked! Not only did I find another great cosmetic item and fall in love with it only not to be able to buy it anymore, but the first nail salon charged me 10.00 for an old, useless bottle! I was so mad, but it wasn't worth going in and trying to get my money back. The employees there seem to forget any of the English they know the minute a customer has a complaint... I'm still giving the polish 5 lippys though, it was a great color on me and applied well.

Review by suze9_8: I wasn't impressed with this color. It's a medium-to-deep plum with a lot of frost/pearl. It just didn't work with my skintone and it applied terribly. The first coat was so streaky. The second helped but it just didn't seem quite right. I really wanted to like this color but it's not for me.

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