what is the best nail polish?3 recommended nail polishs review

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what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 recommended nail polishs review!


Revlon Get Reddy

Review by mworley00: A beautiful red! It went on very smoothly and goes very well with my pale skin. It puts me in the mood for spring and looooove

Review by lipstickcrazy: this is one of my favorite nail polishs. goes on smooth, lasts, beautiful color. what more could you ask for?

Review by kat_25: This is one of my favorite Revlon nail polishes and I'm glad it's no longer a limited edition offering. This is a festive strawberry red with gold microglitter that I love wearing in the colder months, especially for the holidays.

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OPI Sahara Sapphire

Review by almighty_curv: Sahara Sapphire looks very pretty in the bottle. Again, most of the time I am fool by the bottle than the actual look on my nails. It does look more purple than blue. A sort of light purple (greyish). It doesn't look very even when I apply it and I think it probably needs 3 coats for a good coverage. It's definitely unique and I will go with people who have fair cool skin tone. My skin tone is warm and olive so I don't think it compliments me too much. However, it's nevertheless very unique.

Review by redheadjane: This is an old colour which has been re-released recently as a "time capsule", a return to some of the old favourite colours. It is very pretty. It is a steel blue with a faint lavender shimmer. Very different from anything else I own. With the first coat I thought it was going to be a normal silver metal colour and was a bit disappointed. But with the second coat the blue emerged and I was impressed. Certainly a VERY cool toned colour, probably would not suit my warm toned sisters.

Review by mriaow: A soft denim blue with a metallic finish, Sahara Sapphire, for me, is strictly a pedicure polish and even then I'm really only wearing it during the winter "closed-toed shoes and socks" season. It's a nice little color suprise when I take off my boots, but not a shade I personally would be showing off in my flip-flop or strappy sandals...

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Sephora Sephora by OPI - Call Your Mother

Review by staci01: This is a musky lavendern color...which I love. The color is just really nice. In 2 coats it becomes opaque. I've had a problem with this one chipping faster then other OPI's but it must not bother me so much because I have gone through half the bottle.

Review by kimmie578: IMO, OPI already has plenty of colors similar to this one. I like "odd" colored nail polish but I hate this color. A lot of people like this type of "muted purple" but the sight of such a shade makes me cringe. This is the color of what I imagine DEAD PEOPLE'S nails look like. Needless to say, I won't buy it again because I never bought a first one.
EDIT: from what I've seen of Metro Chic online, it appears to give you that same Living Dead Girl look as CYM, just more gray than purple.

Review by fitnessa: I decided to try out the Sephora by O.P.I line a couple day's ago, and I chose the shade call your mother, because I thought it was more of a "neutral purple", that was extremely wearable, and appropriate for work, which i find is hard with purples. I have no complaints about the color, because it is true to the bottle. My one big negative is that I find it pretty streaky, which I was surprised about because I have never had this problem with any of O.P.I's lines. I did two coats, with no base, and no top coat, and only two days later and it is wearing off... not chipping, but dulling.
I do really enjoy the shade so I will give this another try with a top coat, and maybe one more coat. But my first impression of this product isn't amazing.

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