what is the best nail polish?3 popular nail polishs reviews

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what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 popular nail polishs reviews!


Essie Mademoiselle

Review by Carrie: My HG sheer pink nail polish! I've used it for about a year now and it's a staple in my home-manicure routine. One fashion magazine I read called it "pink mixed with clear" - and that's what it is. Just enough pink and shine to give my nails a healthy, natural tint. I do agree that it is too sheer for toes - perfect for natural, groomed hands. I recently refered a friend to this color and she loved it; interestingly enough, the color had a soft and pretty beige-pink tint against her olive skin. Staying power is awesome, too. After reading some reviews on MUA, I started using Essie Marshmallow (a sheer white) for my nail tips, followed by two coats of Mademoiselle. Talk about YNBB! My nails look done without that obvious "white-out" effect of a standard french manicure. (Thanks to MUA members for recommending this combination!)

Review by abrilio: My all-time favorite nail polish color - a classic french nude that looks excellent on any hand complexion and a must for any nail polish collection.

Review by Alexis: I'm not too into French Manicure. Love this sheer pink nail polish very much though. 2 -3 layers give me the best-looking and most healthy shine on my nails.

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OPI Comet Loves Cupid

Review by Ellz: I love this colour! Such a youthful look, kind of '80's but in a classy, sexy way, you know, a blonde vixen from Red Shoe Diaries or something. I never thought to buy it but when I saw some pictures of girls in NY on style files, it looked so polished and fun! I like it better than The Big Apple because it's more orange and vibrant. One of my favourite colours from the brand! But I find their applicators too thick and wide, goopy application.. I prefer NYC or Sally Hansen.

Review by Cygentte3: Awesome bright retro red. Fantastic formula. Looks great on my toes, and I'm not even a red person. Love.

Review by oneofmylies99: I can't comment on whether this product applies well or not because I got my pedicure done at the salon (and obviously didn't have to paint my toes myself!). What I can say is that it is a very bright red that looks great against fair skin and is perfect for summer! It is very eyecatching but still appropriate for the office because it is a classic red that contrasts very nicely against black open-toe heels. Of course I would expect it to be of the usual OPI quality and last for at least a week with Poshe's topcoat.

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Essie Wrapped in Rubies

Review by lipstickcrazy: I LOVE this nail polish. Wrapped in Rubies is a BEAUTIFUL red/burgundy shade with flecks of gold shimmer. I wear it on my toes and sometimes on my fingers. It lasts for weeks on my toes, stays shiny, doesn't chip and is just so gorgeous. I highly, highly recommend this color.

Review by jenss79: The gold shimmer is much more visible in the bottle than it is on your nails. As a matter of fact, it's barely noticeable. It simply adds some warmth to the color. This is a lovely warm burgundy color that is perfect for winter/autumn. I have shorter length nails and it works on my nails without looking like Frankenberry. I'm loving this.

Review by ninanina: Pretty color. It reminds me a little of OPI's "La Boheme" but without the complex fuschia-bronzey-green duochrome effect. That means "Wrapped in Rubies" is a deep plum-cherry color with subtle copper microshimmer that is more evident in the bottle than on my nails, but warms up the color enough that it doesn't clash with my skin (light, yellow undertones). It has a glossy, car-paint finish. Good Fall/Winter shade and flattering red on me without being garish or too bright to wear on tips.

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